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Natural productsfor your acid-alkaline balance

For more than 25 years, the P. Jentschura brand stands for premium alkaline body care products, alkaline-forming nutrition and regenerative oxygen applications. Nature in all its perfection guides our philosophy.

Alkaline recipes Discover the versatility of P. Jentschura foods

MorgenStund' Brownie
MorgenStund' Brownie
TischleinDeckDich instant soup
TischleinDeckDich instant soup
MorgenStund' small apple and cinnamon cakes
MorgenStund' small apple and cinnamon cakes
Pick-me-up smoothie with MorgenStund'
Pick-me-up smoothie with MorgenStund'

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Dates Published on 31 August 2021
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Alkaline recipes Published on 15 June 2021
MorgenStund' Brownie Show recipe
Alkaline recipes Published on 15 June 2021
TischleinDeckDich instant soup Show recipe
Alkaline recipes Published on 15 June 2021
MorgenStund' small apple and cinnamon cakes Show recipe

What others say about P. Jentschura

Stephanie Schneider

Bobsled pilot

A strong immune system is essential for me as a winter sports athlete. With WurzelKraft/AlkaLife, I get through the season healthy and strong. A true immune system booster!

Dr. Jens Freese

Coach for sports and nutritional immunology

WurzelKraft/Alkalife’s multitude of vital substances and nutrients is unique and an indispensable part of my nutritional programme and that of my patients and athletes!

Ilona Nebel

Germany’s best beautician in 2020

It is amazing what the Jentschura products achieve. I start the day with MorgenStund‘, and my highlights in the winter are the alkaline baths with MeineBase!

Katharina Seegers


Thanks to WurzelKraft I always feel well supplied for a better performance in training and faster recovery. I stir it into orange juice in the morning or sprinkle it on salad & pasta.

Tina Trippold

Fitness trainer & blogger

he alkaline breast pads not only feel great, they are also the perfect accessories for sports. I feel more comfortable when I perspire – no sweaty smell at all.

Cedric & Jonas Osterholt

Triathletes in the national league

In order to deliver top performance, it’s important to pay attention to our acid-alkaline balance. MeineBase/AlkaBath is our secret to making sure that we hit the ground running and regenerated, even the day after a hard race or training session.

Sarah van Aalen

USC Münster (Federal Volleyball League)

MorgenStund' gives me the sustainable energy I need as a professional sportswoman. The delicious alkaline cereal is also very filling – my stomach feels great and is free of strain!

Claudia Hufnagl

Professional swimmer, Austrian army

“Win the Morning – Win the day”: that's why I start my day with a high-energy meal, and for me, with the winner among breakfast porridges, MorgenStund'!

Josef Weißenbacher

Head Coach for Students at Salzburg Ski Association

After intense training sessions, being able to relax and regenerate is of crucial importance. During this phase, MeineBase helps us to restore our acid-alkali balance.

Michaela Götzelmann

Business finance specialist

Thanks to MorgenStund', MeineBase/AlkaBath and 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb, my hair has now been fully regenerated. This has significantly increased my quality of life.

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