Organic millet and buckwheat porridge with fruit and seeds

  • no added sugar2
  • gluten- and lactose-free
  • vegan
  • from controlled organic farming

MorgenStund' is the perfect, wholesome breakfast experience for the whole family. The alkaline porridge provides you with valuable nutrients and vitamins, scores with high-quality vegetable protein from buckwheat and keeps you satiated for a long time with complex carbohydrates while containing fewer calories. In short - the ideal basis for physical and mental performance.
Stirred with hot water, MorgenStund' is ready in no time at all. Topped with fruits, nuts and spices or mixed with an oat drink, your alkaline porridge becomes a very delicious treat.

Whether at home or on the go - with this light, gluten-free porridge, you and your family naturally support the right acid-alkaline balance in the morning and start in a healthy and successful day.

sweet almonds
pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds
buckwheat flakes

Ingredients Only the best from nature

millet*, buckwheat*, dried fruit 13.5% (pineapple*, apple*), oil seeds 8.5% (pumpkin seed*, sunflower seed*, sweet almonds*), amaranth*

* Ingredient from organic farming (DE-ÖKO-064)

Commitment to clean sport: our product MorgenStund’® is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

Preparation Basic recipe MorgenStund' (for one serving)

By kettle:

Stir 3 tbsps of MorgenStund' with 120-140 ml of boiling water and allow to expand for 1-2 minutes.

Preparation in a pot:

Stir MorgenStund' into 160-180 ml of water using an egg whisk. Bring to a boil while stirring and leave to simmer on a low heat for 1 to 2 minutes.

Nutrition information per serving for basic recipe:

562 kJ/133 kcal, 2.60 g fat (of which 0.33 g saturated fatty acids), 4.49 g sugar, 0.02 g salt

Yield of MorgenStund'

500 g 14 servings (35 g)
1000 g 28 servings (35 g)
2000 g 56 servings (35 g)

Creative recipe ideas with MorgenStund'

There are no limits to your creativity: Refine MorgenStund' with fruits, nuts or seeds as you like and tailor our alkalising porridge to your individual needs. Enjoy trying it out!

MorgenStund' Baked Apple Cookies
MorgenStund' Baked Apple Cookies
MorgenStund’<sup>®</sup> Bread
MorgenStund’® Bread
MorgenStund' Brownie
MorgenStund' Brownie
MorgenStund' small apple and cinnamon cakes
MorgenStund' small apple and cinnamon cakes

Nutrition information of MorgenStund'

Nutrition Information per 100 g of dry product

1606 kJ / 381 kcal (19 %)1


7,30 g (10 %)1

– of which saturated fatty acids

0,95 g (5 %)1


62,50 g (24 %)1

– of which sugars2

12,82 g (14 %)1


6,80 g


12,90 g (26 %)1


0,04 g (<1 %)1

Vitamins3 per 100 g of dry product

0,32 mg (29 %)4

Vitamin B6

0,28 mg (20 %)4


12,00 µg (24 %)4


4,66 mg (29 %)4

Minerals3 per 100 g of dry product

380 mg (19 %)4


170 mg (45 %)4


2,70 mg (27 %)4


2,50 mg (18 %)4

What others say about P. Jentschura

Juliane Schröder

USC Münster (Volleyball Bundesliga)

Every morning I eat MorgenStund' for breakfast as a delicious and energetic start in the day! I also like to prepare a larger portion so that I can take the extra porridge with me to my second training session.

Ilona Nebel

Germany’s best beautician in 2020

It is amazing what the Jentschura products achieve. I start the day with MorgenStund‘, and my highlights in the winter are the alkaline baths with MeineBase!

Claudia Hufnagl

Professional swimmer, Austrian army

“Win the Morning – Win the day”: that's why I start my day with a high-energy meal, and for me, with the winner among breakfast porridges, MorgenStund'!

Michaela Götzelmann

Business finance specialist

Thanks to MorgenStund', MeineBase/AlkaBath and 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb, my hair has now been fully regenerated. This has significantly increased my quality of life.

Timo Bracht

Ex-triathlon pro, coach & speaker

Jentschura has been a big part of my success since 2007. MorgenStund' topped with banana, stewed apples, raisins, cinnamon and nuts is my secret tip for top performance.

Carolin Lehrieder

Triathlete in Mohrenwirt pro team

Every day starts with a big bowl of MorgenStund', preferably refined with nuts and fresh fruit. So I feel perfectly fortified for a long day of training!

Luisa Moroff

Triathlete in Mohrenwirt pro team

Due to its high-quality and healthy ingredients, MorgenStund' offers a fantastic basis for tough, long sessions in the water, on the bike or while running.


Food and lifestyle blogger

I start my day full of energy with MorgenStund'! I love putting a different twist on the alkaline breakfast every time with different ingredients such as fruits and nuts.

Lizz Görgl

Two-time world champion ski racer

Jentschura's alkaline products — and MorgenStund' in particular — have also contributed towards my success. I recommend them to anyone who wants to do something good for themselves!

Hannes Gröbner

CLEARSKIES expeditions & trekking

MorgenStund' and WurzelKraft/AlkaLife were our loyal companions on our expedition high up on Mount Everest. They gave us energy and strength on the top of the world.

Anni Klaus

Les Mills Sprint presenter

I notice my sensitive gastrointestinal tract especially during stressful periods. Since I’ve been eating MorgenStund', I no longer have any bloated or distended feelings and I feel really great.

Michael Rünz

Triathlete in Mohrenwirt pro team

MorgenStund' and WurzelKraft/AlkaLife have become indispensable to me. WurzelKraft/AlkaLife simply goes over everything as a topping. It makes my body feel more efficient.

Theresa Töllner

Manager of the fitness centre “Halle 22”

With the ecologically valuable products from P. Jentschura, we are getting much closer to our vision of individual goal achievement and active leisure time.

Rufat Dadashov

Professional footballer

For me, every day begins with MorgenStund', topped with stewed apples, nuts and a teaspoon of WurzelKraft/AlkaLife. This is how I get the extra portion of vital nutrients I need for sports.

Michaela Hinz

Les Mills national trainer

As a fitness coach, I always demand 100% performance from my body. MorgenStund' gives me the energy I need – especially when I’m in a rush.

Elmar Sprink

Professional cyclist and triathlete

The P. Jentschura products help me unleash my full potential when it comes to endurance sport. I never would have become "Biker of the Year" without P. Jentschura.

Monica Meier-Ivancan

Model & moderator

I am 100% behind this amazing health concept and know that with these products and applications I am doing something good for both myself and my family.

Urs Zumstein

Fitness athlete and Swiss champion

As a professional bodybuilder who uses exclusively natural products, Jentschura products are essential for me. I love MorgenStund’. The porridge gives me the extra push I need for training sessions and competitions.

Simon Scherder

Professional footballer, SC Preußen Münster

As a professional footballer, MorgenStund’ is my absolute favourite product. It is ideal to eat before training because it is quick to prepare, doesn’t weigh you down and provides you with lots of energy.

Roland Abächerli

Mountain Bike World Cup champion

As an athlete, I’ve learned to pay attention to my acid-alkaline balance. Jentschuras Alkaline Program has helped me achieve top results and feel good while doing so.

Petra Röhrig

B!Othek by petra röhrig e.K.

B!Othek has gained many regular customers since introducing first-class products from Jentschura. Thank you for the great products and the informative training sessions.

Markus Liebelt

Triathlete in Mohrenwirt pro team

MorgenStund' is my absolute favourite product for breakfast or for in between. I also use TischleinDeckDich regularly for a quick, delicious and healthy meal.

Christian Bressau-Krabbe


I have been able to achieve amazing results with P. Jentschura. Combining an alkaline diet with therapeutic exercises means that my athletes can experience recovery to the full.

Nikolina Maroš

USC Münster (Volleyball Bundesliga)

MorgenStund' gives me a particularly good start to the day! A delicious breakfast - enhanced with fruit - gives me the necessary energy for the whole day. And MorgenStund' is also a very good choice as a snack between training sessions.

Maria Schlegel

USC Münster (Volleyball Bundesliga)

My favourite product is WurzelKraft / AlkaLife. I use it for almost every meal - for example, in oatmeal for breakfast or for salads. Another favourite product of mine is MorgenStund'. I eat the porridge for breakfast with fruit and a piece of chocolate, and sometimes as a snack before a workout.

Leonie Fiebig

2-man bobsleigh World Cup winner 2021

Jentschura products have become an indispensable building block for my sporting success. They are an essential part of my everyday life and help me stay fit and healthy.

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