MeineBase® / AlkaBath®

Alkaline mineral body care salt

MeineBase<sup>®</sup> / AlkaBath<sup>®</sup>
  • certified natural cosmetic
  • no added colourants, fragrances or preservatives
  • excellent skin compatibility dermatologically proven
  • for silky soft, alkaline skin
  • with 8 finely ground precious stones

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of alkaline body care with MeineBase / AlkaBath. The alkaline mineral body care salt deep cleanses, nurtures and relaxes intensively. The certified natural cosmetic product optimises the self-lubrication of the skin and restores its pleasant suppleness - ideal for dry, itchy and sensitive skin as well as skin problems such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis or eczema. With a pH-value of 8.5, MeineBase / AlkaBath supports the skin in its excretory function and thus relieves the metabolism - for conscious and natural care in the acid-alkaline balance.

MeineBase / AlkaBath provides modern alkaline body care inspired by nature, tailored to your individual wishes and preferences. The various application options make the alkaline bath salt an effective and harmonising companion in everyday life - for the whole family.

Ingredients Natural body care inspired by nature

Sodium Bicarbonate, Maris Sal, Sodium Carbonate, Natural Minerals, Agate, Carneol, Citrine, Chrysoprase, Chalcedony, Sapphire, Rock Crystal, Onyx

Applications with MeineBase / AlkaBath

The MeineBase / AlkaBath body care salts can be used in many different ways to suit your personal needs. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of alkaline body care and enjoy pampering and regenerating moments.

AlkaWear – alkaline functional textiles

With the AlkaWear functional textiles line, alkaline body care and the targeted puryfication of the organism is now even more practical and works effortlessly alongside- day and night.

To the AlkaWear products

Yield of MeineBase / AlkaBath

75 g 1-2 full baths or 10 foot baths
750 g 15 full baths or 100 foot baths
1500 g 30 full baths or 200 foot baths
2750 g 55 full baths or 366 foot baths

What others say about P. Jentschura

Ilona Nebel

Germany’s best beautician in 2020

It is amazing what the Jentschura products achieve. I start the day with MorgenStund‘, and my highlights in the winter are the alkaline baths with MeineBase!

Julia Scheve

Personal trainer & Les Mills presenter

I have been using the Jentschura products for 6 years and am totally convinced of their effect. The Alkaline Programme has inspired me because it strengthens and invigorates the body in the long term.

Cedric & Jonas Osterholt

Triathletes in the national league

In order to deliver top performance, it’s important to pay attention to our acid-alkaline balance. MeineBase / AlkaBath is our secret to making sure that we hit the ground running and regenerated, even the day after a hard race or training session.

Josef Weißenbacher

Head Coach for Students at Salzburg Ski Association

After intense training sessions, being able to relax and regenerate is of crucial importance. During this phase, MeineBase helps us to restore our acid-alkali balance.

Michaela Götzelmann

Business finance specialist

Thanks to MorgenStund', MeineBase/AlkaBath and 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb, my hair has now been fully regenerated. This has significantly increased my quality of life.

Cathy Pirnack

Les Mills national trainer

Particularly in the cold season, I recommend a full bath with MeineBase/AlkaBath and the neck wrap if you have a slightly scratchy throat.

Marcus Bernstein

Medical technology sales manager

For me, the Alkaline Programme is a permanent routine, for a lifetime! A diet rich in vital substances, drinking 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb and spring water, regular MeineBase/AlkaBath baths and brushing – it works.

Lizz Görgl

Two-time world champion ski racer

Jentschura's alkaline products — and MorgenStund' in particular — have also contributed towards my success. I recommend them to anyone who wants to do something good for themselves!

Simone Schicht

Germany’s best beautician in 2019

Since founding my salon in 2004, I have been working successfully with the alkaline treatments from P. Jentschura. The MeineBase/AlkaBath oil massage is the absolute favourite among my clients.

Corinna Maier

Coach specialised in problem issues

I have now been using your alkaline stockings for more than 8 years. They are firmly integrated in my evening routine. Without them, I don’t sleep well and my skin problems flare up again.

Benjamin Lienhart

Triathlete in Mohrenwirt pro team

I can only tolerate a few alkaline baths and shower gels with my neurodermatitis. MeineBase/AlkaBath and BasenSchauer help me improve my regeneration and the appearance of my skin.

Elmar Sprink

Professional cyclist and triathlete

The P. Jentschura products help me unleash my full potential when it comes to endurance sport. I never would have become "Biker of the Year" without P. Jentschura.

Monica Meier-Ivancan

Model & moderator

I am 100% behind this amazing health concept and know that with these products and applications I am doing something good for both myself and my family.

Katja Wilk

Professional beautician

My clients appreciate the variety of applications of alkaline body care products. That’s why I am happy to be a cosmetics partner of P. Jentschura for many years.

Margrit Abächerli

Mountain biker

P. Jentschura has been a loyal companion to me for 10 years both in sport and in my everyday life. MeineBase/AlkaBath and alkaline stockings allow me to start off every competition feeling rejuvenated!

Maik Thies

Professional athlete and fitness coach

I have been using MeineBase/AlkaBath and MiraVera to rejuvenate and care for my skin for many years now. They are the perfect products for me especially after an intense training session!

Anne-Julia Hagen


With products such as MeineBase/AlkaBath and the alkaline stockings, Jentschura has been my own little beauty secret for years. Pure relaxation – I can’t thank you enough!

Roland Abächerli

Mountain Bike World Cup champion

As an athlete, I’ve learned to pay attention to my acid-alkaline balance. Jentschuras Alkaline Program has helped me achieve top results and feel good while doing so.

Leonie Fiebig

2-man bobsleigh World Cup winner 2021

Jentschura products have become an indispensable building block for my sporting success. They are an essential part of my everyday life and help me stay fit and healthy.

Awards for MeineBase / AlkaBath

Sonne Wolken Bäume
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MeineBase<sup>®</sup> / AlkaBath<sup>®</sup>