Health with purpose and sense

By the maxim "A healthy mind dwells in a clean body", we place people at the centre of all our actions. We share our knowledge of the human metabolism as well as our products and their applications consistently in order to make a lasting contribution to beauty, health and a love of life.

Inventor and founder

Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura is more than just a health entrepreneur. He researches the human organism, writes books about his extensive knowledge and draws inspiration from nature when developing products.
After graduating from high school and qualifying as an industrial clerk, the family tradition was followed by an apprenticeship as a chemist, during which Peter Jentschura became acquainted with all herbs and teas.

He soon immersed himself in research on the metabolism, focusing on questions such as: How can the body purify itself best and how are acids neutralised? A disbalanced acid-alkaline balance is a causative factor for many modern diseases of the civilisation.

Book author and publisher

Peter Jentschura's books "Gesundheit durch Entschlackung" and "zivilisatoselos leben" are international bestsellers these days, are translated into 16 languages and are considered state-of-the-art literature on the field of purification. His recent publication, "Die Pflanze, unsere Lehrmeisterin" (The Plant, Our Teacher), was released in autumn 2015 and deals exclusively with medicinal herbs and their effects.