Energy brush

EnergieBürste mit feinen Bronzeborsten
  • natural bristles
  • the “pick-me-up” among dry brushes
  • fine bronze bristles for tingly feeling skin
  • the “must-have” for all beauty salons

Using the P. Jentschura energy brush is the highlight of every dry brushing session. With its fine bronze bristles made from an alloy of copper and tin, the special brush produces an extremely pleasant and agreeable tingling sensation on the skin that makes us feel fit and alert, especially in the morning. With just a few strokes of the brush every day, the special quality of the bristles contributes to physical and mental well-being and has a vitalising, relaxing effect that boosts circulation.


  • Use: dry brushing
  • Bristles: fine bronze bristles in the middle, pure, black horse hair around them
  • Bristles: 9 rows
  • Wood: local beech wood (solid wood), black Velcro® fastener to adjust it to any sized hand
  • Wood protection: dipped in wax
  • Care Instructions

    Brushes can be cleaned with the help of a brush cleaner or comb. Tap out thoroughly after use. Carefully remove deposits with a cotton cloth sprayed with disinfectant. Important! It is essential to protect bronze bristles from moisture.

Good to know

Thanks to the structure of the fine bronze bristles, oxygen ions, which are important for our physical and also energetic well-being, are generated directly on the skin during brushing and are thus directly available to the organism and metabolism. Additionally, a very pleasantly, energetic effect can be experienced when using the EnergyBrush.

A “must-have” for all beauty salons to ideally prepare the skin for alkaline body treatments.

Basisch leben natürlich gepflegt, omnimolekular versorgt

What others say about P. Jentschura

Paula Saalfeld

Nutritionist, herbal therapist and expert for holistic skin care

Dry brushing is a ritual that I have been practising for years to start fresh and bright into each new day. I can no longer imagine doing without this unique, premium-quality energy brush from P. Jentschura!

Monica Meier-Ivancan

Model & moderator

I am 100% behind this amazing health concept and know that with these products and applications I am doing something good for both myself and my family.