Hearty Fritters

Ingredients for about 10 fritters
10 tbsps (Approx. 100 g) TischleinDeckDich
Approx. 260 ml water or vegetable stock
1 egg*
2 tbsps fine oats*
herb salt, fresh pepper
vegetable fat, e.g. coconut fat

Pour approx. 260 ml boiling water/stock over the TischleinDeckDich, stir and leave to cool, covered.

Then mix the TischleinDeckDich well with the egg and the oats* and season generously with herb salt and pepper.

Heat vegetable fat in a frying pan. Form the mixture into small fritters and fry on both sides until golden brown.

* Version without egg and without oats: instead add 2-3 tsps vegetable spread and if necessary some corn or chickpea flour.