WurzelKraft® / AlkaLife®

organic plant food fine granules with fruit, pollen, herbs and vegetables

WurzelKraft<sup>®</sup> / AlkaLife<sup>®</sup>
  • no added sugar2
  • gluten-free and lactose-free
  • purely herbal
  • from controlled organic farming
  • uniquely harmonious, bittersweet taste

With the power of more than 100 plant-based ingredients, WurzelKraft / AlkaLife is the reliable all-round supplier and perfect partner when it comes to alkaline nutrition. The omnimolecular natural food supports well-being and vitality for a balanced life – a spoon by spoon alkaline treat that strengthens and protects against nutrient deficiencies.

WurzelKraft / AlkaLife unites the richness of nature in its unique quality and variety in a jar. With its rich spectrum of 100 plant-based ingredients, this organic food contains important vital and nutritional substances such as minerals, vitamins, secondary phytonutrients, essential amino acids and other elements. These are present in the optimal bioavailability ratio, to ensure that our organism can utilize them perfectly for its various functions. Bitter substances from dandelion herb, hop blossoms and artichoke herb operate as a natural “appetite suppressant” and support our digestion. Get to know and love this precious treasure of nature – the perfect support for your alkaline lifestyle.

The WurzelKraft / AlkaLife philosophy

“Our body requires the full range of all the goodness nature has to offer – every day.”

Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura

stinging nettle
lemon balm
pumpkin seeds

Ingredients The entire diversity of nature

Fruit 25.8% (apple*, mango*, pineapple*, blueberries*, acerola*, oranges*, cowberries*, blackberries*, apricots*, orange peel*, cranberries*, lemon peel*), pollen* 17%, pumpkin seeds*, lupine*, sunflower seeds*, tigernuts*, sweet almonds*, herbs 4.8% (liquorice root*, dandelion herb*, hop flowers*, buckwheat herb*, galangal root*, bear garlic*, stinging nettle leaves*, blond psyllium seeds*, lovage leaves*, rosemary leaves*, thyme*, hyssop herb*, tarragon leaves*, eucalyptus leaves*, melissa leaves*, field horsetail herb*, yarrow herb*, grape leaves (green)*, artichoke herb*, basil*, savory*, watercress*, dill weed*, lemon verbena leaves*, elder flowers*, blackcurrant leaves*, lavender flowers*, lime tree leaves*, lime tree flowers silver*, lungwort herb*, melissa herb*, orange leaves*, creeping thyme herb*, stinging nettle herb*, blackberry leaves*, strawberry leaves*, raspberry leaves*, garden nasturtium herb*, lemon grass*, corn silk*, marjoram*, rose petals pink*, celery leaves*, centaury herb*, chervil leaves*), vegetables 2.8% (beetroot*, cabbage leaves*, red lentils*, carrots*, black radish*, zucchini*, asparagus*, chickpeas*, beans*, broccoli*, horseradish root*, spinach*, onions*), buckwheat*, millet*, walnuts*, spices*, topinambur*, amaranth*, rose hip*, dill fruits*, pomegranate seeds*, pistachios*

* Ingredient from organic farming (DE-ÖKO-064)

Commitment to clean sport: our product WurzelKraft® / AlkaLife® is regularly tested for selected doping substances.

Preparation of WurzelKraft / AlkaLife

WurzelKraft / AlkaLife is a pure pleasure. It also tastes great when stirred into vegetable and fruit juices, porridges, muesli, stewed apples, linseed or olive oil, salad dressings, cooled soups and vegetable dishes. To preserve the vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and other valuable ingredients, please only add WurzelKraft / AlkaLife to the food once it cooled down to eating temperature.

Recommended consumption

  • Start with 1-2 teaspoons of WurzelKraft / AlkaLife per day
  • Within a few days increase to 3 x 2 teaspoons per day or as much as you like

Yield of WurzelKraft / AlkaLife

60 g approx. 1 week*
150 g approx. 2 ½ weeks*
300 g approx. 4 ½ weeks*
600 g approx. 9 weeks*
1650 g approx. 24 weeks*
* based on 3 tsps a day

Creative recipe ideas with WurzelKraft / AlkaLife

Discover and enjoy the various usages of WurzelKraft! Let yourself be fascinated by the unique effect and the convincing flavour of our natural product.

WurzelKraft / AlkaLife Dark Chocolate PowerBalls
WurzelKraft / AlkaLife Dark Chocolate PowerBalls
WurzelKraft / AlkaLife Fruity PowerBalls
WurzelKraft / AlkaLife Fruity PowerBalls
Green Smoothie
Green Smoothie
Healthy Green Bowl
Healthy Green Bowl

Nutrition information of WurzelKraft / AlkaLife

Nutrition Information per 100 g

1756 kJ / 420 kcal (21 %)1


17,5 g (25 %)1

– of which saturated fatty acids

2,6 g (13 %)1

– of which monounsaturated fatty acids

7,1 g

– of which polyunsaturated fatty acids

7,8 g


42,1 g (16 %)1

– of which sugars2

26,2 g (29 %)1


14,4 g


16,5 g (33 %)1


0,03 g (<1 %)1

Vitamins3 per 100 g
Vitamin E

10,10 mg (84 %)4

Vitamin K1

40,40 µg (54 %)4

Vitamin C

104 mg (130 %)4


0,34 mg (31 %)4


0,60 mg (43 %)4


4,16 mg (26 %)4

Vitamin B6

0,42 mg (30 %)4

Folic acid

87,10 µg (44 %)4

Pantothenic acid

1,25 mg (21 %)4


27,4 µg (45 %)4

Minerals3 per 100 g

845 mg (42 %)4


183 mg (23 %)4

Phosphoric acid

350 mg (50 %)4


158 mg (42 %)4


8,69 mg (62 %)4


2,60 mg (26 %)4


0,80 mg (80 %)4


22,0 µg (55 %)4

Amino acids3 per 100 g

580 mg


840 mg


780 mg


1180 mg 


690 mg


770 mg


170 mg 


330 mg


1480 mg


440 mg

What others say about P. Jentschura

Dr. Jens Freese

Coach for sports and nutritional immunology

WurzelKraft/Alkalife’s multitude of vital substances and nutrients is unique and an indispensable part of my nutritional programme and that of my patients and athletes!

Ana Schrödinger

Four-time world champion in unicycling

Nutrition also plays a decisive role in the unicycling sport. With WurzelKraft / AlkaLife I can always reliably cover the increased need for nutrients. It is always my companion at competitions, including the 2018 World Championships in South Korea, where I had to defend three titles in one day.

Stephanie Schneider

Bobsled pilot

A strong immune system is essential for me as a winter sports athlete. With WurzelKraft/AlkaLife, I get through the season healthy and strong. A true immune system booster!

Katharina Seegers


Thanks to WurzelKraft I always feel well supplied for a better performance in training and faster recovery. I stir it into orange juice in the morning or sprinkle it on salad & pasta.

Julia Scheve

Personal trainer & Les Mills presenter

I have been using the Jentschura products for 6 years and am totally convinced of their effect. The Alkaline Programme has inspired me because it strengthens and invigorates the body in the long term.

Dr. Ulrich Frohberger

Specialist in orthopaedics

WurzelKraft/AlkaLife supplies our body comprehensively with a considerable range of vital substances – it is a good answer to an unbalanced diet.

Verena Bernstein

Photovoltaic technology project manager

With WurzelKraft/AlkaLife stirred into spring water, I start the day mineralised and feel refreshed and more attentive. During the day it improves my vitality and ability to concentrate.

Lizz Görgl

Two-time world champion ski racer

Jentschura's alkaline products — and MorgenStund' in particular — have also contributed towards my success. I recommend them to anyone who wants to do something good for themselves!

Hannes Gröbner

CLEARSKIES expeditions & trekking

MorgenStund' and WurzelKraft/AlkaLife were our loyal companions on our expedition high up on Mount Everest. They gave us energy and strength on the top of the world.

Michael Rünz

Triathlete in Mohrenwirt pro team

MorgenStund' and WurzelKraft/AlkaLife have become indispensable to me. WurzelKraft/AlkaLife simply goes over everything as a topping. It makes my body feel more efficient.


Lifestyle and sports blogger

As a triathlete, healthy eating and an acid-alkaline balance are very important to me. I am a huge fan of Jentschura and use their products daily.

Elmar Sprink

Professional cyclist and triathlete

The P. Jentschura products help me unleash my full potential when it comes to endurance sport. I never would have become "Biker of the Year" without P. Jentschura.

Monica Meier-Ivancan

Model & moderator

I am 100% behind this amazing health concept and know that with these products and applications I am doing something good for both myself and my family.

Jörg Amrhein

Model & actor

Fantastic for athletes and people at their prime. Contemporary, full of flavour and quick to prepare, it takes my nutrition to the next level! Power through WurzelKraft/AlkaLife!

Roland Abächerli

Mountain Bike World Cup champion

As an athlete, I’ve learned to pay attention to my acid-alkaline balance. Jentschuras Alkaline Program has helped me achieve top results and feel good while doing so.

Petra Röhrig

B!Othek by petra röhrig e.K.

B!Othek has gained many regular customers since introducing first-class products from Jentschura. Thank you for the great products and the informative training sessions.

Katja Zick

Les Mills national trainer

WurzelKraft/AlkaLife is part of my “daily bread”. I eat the fine granules pure before breakfast – a real treat! And it gives me plenty of nutritional power to boot!

Karoline Dohr

Long-distance runner

Since I’ve been taking Jentschura’s WurzelKraft/AlkaLife, I simply feel fitter and am able to perform at my best. I can no longer imagine these fine food granules not forming part of my daily diet!

Christian Bressau-Krabbe


I have been able to achieve amazing results with P. Jentschura. Combining an alkaline diet with therapeutic exercises means that my athletes can experience recovery to the full.

Maria Schlegel

USC Münster (Volleyball Bundesliga)

My favourite product is WurzelKraft / AlkaLife. I use it for almost every meal - for example, in oatmeal for breakfast or for salads. Another favourite product of mine is MorgenStund'. I eat the porridge for breakfast with fruit and a piece of chocolate, and sometimes as a snack before a workout.

Leonie Fiebig

2-man bobsleigh World Cup winner 2021

Jentschura products have become an indispensable building block for my sporting success. They are an essential part of my everyday life and help me stay fit and healthy.

Awards for WurzelKraft / AlkaLife

Sonne Wolken Bäume
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