Herbalist origins – the history of a family

There is hardly any other company where history, present and future are so closely connected and build on each other as they are at Jentschura. The knowledge of its chemist origins and the clear commitment to fundamental naturopathic research are clear and unshakeable pillars in the company's success.

Dedication ceremony for the Jentschura Academy

“Learning healthy living” is the motto of the Jentschura Academy, which holds seminars and workshops on an alkaline lifestyle. Academy offerings are geared toward an international audience as well. For the grand opening, the Jentschura family cut the symbolic red ribbon in the presence of representatives from the political and business establishment. Included in the photo is brand ambassador Monica Meier-Ivancan (left).

30 years of “alkaline healthy living”

The family owned business, P. Jentschura celebrates its 30th anniversary and proudly looks back on a unique history. What has been shaped throughout the years is the philosophy of "healthy living the alkaline way". Several innovative products have been released that defined a new standard of natural quality and customer benefit. Spearheading sustainability in food and body care, an important goal continues to be the expansion into international markets. The near future promises exciting developments: Just in time for the anniversary, the Jentschura Academy with its education and training facilities will open its doors at the headquarters in Münster Westphalia.

Branch favourites

Two products from P. Jentschura have won awards: The expert jury of the Health Food Shop Academy chose WurzelKraft as the "Health Food Product 2023" in the category 'Food' - and the readers of the health food shop magazine "natürlich" voted MorgenStund' as their "favourite".

Alkaline bathing with award

Our alkaline skin and body care products are once more far ahead on the popularity scale of health and food store customers. This year again, the natural health and food magazine "natürlich" asked its 920,000 readers from Germany and Austria to vote for their personal favourites. One more time, AlkaBath / MeineBase® landed on the winner's podium.

Laying the foundation stone for the Jentschura Academy

The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone for this important project for the future took place in August. In 2023, the Jentschura Academy will open its doors. At the Academy, interested parties will be able to experience the entire Jentschura universe. In multi-day courses, day workshops and training courses, participants will be taught theoretical and practical knowledge - in the form of healthy eating and drinking, alkaline body cleansing and the strengthening and regeneration of the organism, true to the maxim of learning to live healthy. More information on the Jentschura Academy is available at

Two-time winner

Once again, this year, a P. Jentschura product made it onto the winners' podium. And this even twice: Our MorgenStund' convinced the jury of 'Reformhaus Fachakademie', which named the alkaline-forming breakfast porridge "Reform Product of the Year 2021". At the same time, several thousand readers of the magazine "natürlich" voted for our popular power porridge and chose MorgenStund' as their "Readers' Favourite 2021".

P. Jentschura – a powerful brand

The P. Jentschura brand is honoured with the “German Brand Award 2020”, and no less than twice: the “Winner” award was received in the “Excellent Brands – Beauty & Care” category. In addition, the “Special Mention” label was awarded to the family-run company in the “Product Brand of the Year” category. The German Design Council and the German Brand Institute honour companies for the success of their brands, for consistent brand management and sustainable brand communication with this coveted award.

Start of cooperation

P. Jentschura is the new partner of the volleyball Bundesliga team USC Münster. (from left) Annette Dröge (USC office), Martin Gesigora (USC President), Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura and Sven Adrian (USC Vice President) seal the cooperation for three years. The acid-alkaline experts operate as the “official partner for regeneration” of the Bundesliga team.

The best herbal tea

7x7® KräuterTee / AlkaHerb is “Reform Product of the Year 2020” (health food product of the year 2020), as decided by the jury from the “Reformhaus Fachakademie” (Academy for a Healthier Lifestyle), giving the Jentschura tea the top score. The 49 selected herbal ingredients and special effect convinced the jurors across the board.

The first award

Our TischleinDeckDich receives its first award. A jury of 17 experts, including nutritionists, top chefs as well as athletes and dermatologists, is enthusiastic about Jentschura’s quinoa and millet meal and awards it the “Healthy Living Award” in the “gluten-free products” category.

Honour for WurzelKraft / AlkaLife

The WurzelKraft / AlkaLife natural food receives two major awards at the same time: the “Reformhaus-Fachakademie” (Academy for a Healthier Lifestyle) declares the 100-plant food the “Reformprodukt 2019” (health food product for 2019) in the vegetarian category. Also the readers of the “natürlich” magazine are enthusiastic about the omni-molecular fine granules and vote WurzelKraft / AlkaLife the “Leserliebling 2019” (readers’ favourite 2019).

The best breakfast!

MorgenStund' is once again way out in front on the customer popularity scale: the high-quality alkaline breakfast has been awarded the FOGS Culinary Prize, presented for the first time by “Green Style Magazine”. MorgenStund' was awarded the prize for best muesli. The jury of the “eat healthy” magazine is also enthusiastic about MorgenStund' and gave the healthy breakfast porridge the top mark in the Healthy Living Award.

25 years of Jentschura

The company is celebrating its anniversary this year. The family business was founded a quarter of a century ago – unremarkable in its beginnings, impressive in its development and promising for the future. The celebration will take place in October.

Double award for Jentschura’s porridge

MorgenStund', the lovable power porridge in the bright yellow packaging, has now received no less than two awards. The well established breakfast product is “Reformprodukt des Jahres 2018” (health food product of the year 2018) and has also received the readers’ award from the “natürlich” magazine. The two awards confirm the huge popularity of the millet and buckwheat porridge.

Change in management

The P. Jentschura brand is gearing up for the future: Barbara Jentschura is the new managing director and now heads the company together with company founder Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura and graduate business economist Matthias Buß. With the change at the top, the family-owned company is getting itself fit for the future and tapping into new markets.

Award for “BasenSchauer”

Driving innovation - this is part of the P. Jentschura brand's corporate philosophy. In 2016, the Deutsche Wellness-Verband (German Wellness Association) once again honoured one of the P. Jentschura products with the “Wellness & Spa Innovation Award” – the “BasenSchauer” shower gel.

Administration building inauguration

In June, the P. Jentschura food and body care brand’s new company head office was officially inaugurated by the city and the business development agency. At the handover of the keys, Lord Mayor Markus Lewe (2nd from right) and Münster's head of business development Dr. Thomas Robbers (left) congratulated the founding couple Gertrud and Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura. In addition to the new administration building, a modern, extended dispatch department was also put into operation. Jentschura now resides on approx. 20,000 square metres of floor space.

Honour for “MiraVera”

The Deutsche Wellness-Verband (German Wellness Association) honours “MiraVera” by P. Jentschura with the “Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2015”. The regenerating oxygen product receives the coveted audience prize. International innovations, further developments and forward-looking ideas for the beauty market are honoured with this award.

100th birthday

“Always keep cheerful” is Margarete Jentschura’s motto in life. Peter Jentschura’s mother turns 100 years old in April 2013. She likes to say that her chemist’s is her personal gym.

Health food products 2013

Great honour for “MorgenStund'” and “MeineBase / AlkaBath”: the products are awarded the prize “Reformware des Jahres 2013” (health food product of the year 2013) in the “Special Jury Prize” category. According to the jurors, the honour not only recognises the high quality but also the innovative spirit and consumer popularity of the products.


Josef Lohkämper (born 1930 in Essen) is co-author of the two bestsellers “Gesundheit durch Entschlackung” (Health by Purification) and “zivilisatoselos leben” (Living without the diseases of modern civilisation) as well as the most recent joint work “Die Pflanze, unsere Lehrmeisterin” (The Plant, Our Teacher). Peter Jentschura publishes numerous writings and essays together with Josef Lohkämper. 2017 marks the 35th anniversary of the publishing house.

Sporting partnership

The P. Jentschura brand becomes the official nutrition and regeneration partner of SC Preußen 06 e. V. Münster. Pictured (from left): Preußen coach Pavel Dotchev, Dr. h. c. Peter Jentschura and SCP sports director Carsten Gockel. The company initiated an important partnership with the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV) back in 2007.

Extended family

Jentschura is and remains a family business which, despite its commitment to tradition and down-to-earthness, has its sights set on dynamism and visions. The picture shows: Mr and Mrs Jentschura senior (centre) and Margarete Jentschura (seated). Standing from left: Ute and Roland Jentschura with their children Elena and Julius. On the right: Robert Jentschura with his wife Petra Jentschura and daughter Amelie.

The new troika

Since 1 April 2010, the management of Jentschura International GmbH has consisted of three people: Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura is the chairman of the management board, while his son Roland Jentschura (certified nutritionist) and Matthias Buß (graduate business economist) are the other managing directors.


Representatives from politics, business and public life attend the official commissioning of production. With its infrastructure, the new building sets new accents and standards in the regional health industry.

A new era

After a construction period of just six months, the new factory building is inaugurated in January 2009. With its new production facility, the company is not only pursuing its vision of a modern working environment, but also creates the prerequisites to remain on a growth course.


In the course of the ongoing expansion, the construction of a new production facility is essential. The old production building was literally bursting at the seams. In Münster-Roxel, (from left) Dr Thomas Robbers (head of the Münster Economic Development Corporation), Peter Jentschura and his wife Gertrud Jentschura reach for the spade.

Honorary doctorate

Peter Jentschura receives an honorary doctorate from the Russian Federation's Ministry of General and Higher Education for his work on human metabolism.


With the ISO certification, the company succeeds in gaining access to larger markets – international too. The quality management standard certifies for the first time that Jentschura’s management system, as well as its products, meet European standards.

In the backyard

The yard behind the chemist’s often served as a filling location for larger quantities. This picture shows the processing of a larger order of 7x7 KräuterTee / AlkaHerb.

The foundation of the company

In its first years the company had the true nature of a cottage industry. The first products were manufactured by hand, a time-consuming process. In the picture here you can see Peter Jentschura filling the tea.

Health author

In 1982 Peter Jentschura founded his health publishing house and regularly published a trade journal for chemists. “Umsatz” (Turnover) was the title. This picture shows him producing this popular paper in 1991. His work “Gesundheit durch Entschlackung” (Health by Purification) was published later in 1998, followed by “zivilisatoselos leben” (Living without the diseases of modern civilisation) in 2004 and “Die Pflanze, unsere Lehrmeisterin” (The Plant, Our Teacher) in 2015.


The second chemist’s is opened on Ostmarkstrasse in Münster. The demand for chemist’s products is rising steadily from year to year.

For the customers

Time for conversations: Peter Jentschura loves beeing in contact with people – the detailed consultation, taking time for interests and concerns of the customers’ – this goes as much without saying for him today as it did in the past.

The early years

Peter Jentschura at the chemist’s in Münster. In addition to teas, essences and tinctures, the specialist shop’s range includes various body care and skin care products as well as health products and wholesome foods. Care products for the home and garden complete the portfolio.

New start

After the Second World War, the Jentschura family finds a new home in Münster. The first drugstore is opened in the heart of the city, in Staufenstraße.

The father

One of the very few pictures showing Helmut Jentschura, Peter Jentschura’s father, who was also a qualified chemist. Helmut Jentschura died in the Second World War in 1942 at the age of just 27.

The origin

In Breslau (today Poland) the mother of Peter Jentschura, Margarete Jentschura (born 1913), opened the first herbalist chemist's shop in the 1930s. At that time she was studying teas, herbs, plants and body care products.