Natural controlled perfection

As the leading branded goods company, we are commited to a consistently applied quality management system in both development and production over years, a matter of course that arises from our commitment to the highest product quality.

We attach great importance to the fact that our products are certified free of genetically modified and irradiated ingredients. All ingredients of our food products derive come from controlled organic farming. Our care product line contains high-quality raw materials for certified natural and oxygen products.

With the implementation of the cosmetics GMP standards (IKW guideline for the manufacture of cosmetic products), HACCP, the EC Eco Regulation and DIN EN ISO 9001, our business policy is oriented to fulfill high requirements and strict specifications. The accredited laboratories of the Wessling Group support us in the area of product analysis to ensure compliance with legal requirements and guidelines.

Taking responsibility – environmental and human

In the spirit of a value-oriented corporate management, P. Jentschura takes exceptional responsibility not only for its high-quality branded products, but also attaches great importance to economic principles and the satisfaction of community needs.

Already during the development of products, measures are worked out to keep environmental impact as low as possible such as to avoid unnecessary packaging waste. Keeping production local is also a commitment to the German environmental standards.

Moreover, our company devotes great care to human resources in order to secure long-term employment and to bond employees. Long-term company affiliations accentuate the extent to which employees identify with the company. Altogether, our focus is on people. Weighing, mixing, and filling is done by hand. Where machines are avoidable, we prefer to create jobs – including the best possible working atmosphere and short distances to the bosses right next door.

As a matter of course, we also take responsibility for the young generation and, as a company recognised by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, we train the skilled workers of tomorrow - whether in administration or production. To offer motivated young people a career perspective is one of the best and at the same time most humane investments in society. Of this we are deeply convicted.