P. Jentschura has been a developer and manufacturer of organic food and alkaline body care products since 1993.

Naturalness corresponds most closely to our ecological niche, which we want to maintain with our products and make accessible to as many people as possible.

In doing so, we believe not only in high-quality, natural ingredients, balanced packaging and resource-saving manufacturing processes, but also in behaviour and knowledge content with which we will succeed together in the environmental transition.

Our business purpose: To manufacture and distribute natural products

Our environmental guidelines take into account our responsibility as a manufacturer to reconcile environmental and customer interests in the best possible way.

Use of natural and unadulterated raw materials

The P. Jentschura brand stands exclusively for natural products of the highest quality.

The raw materials processed by P. Jentschura are not only of natural origin, they also remain natural: organic farming, careful storage and mechanical and physical processing keep the raw materials unchanged in their original composition.

Environmentally friendly processes

At P. Jentschura, manufacturing processes are an ideal interaction of people, materials and machinery and equipment. In doing so, we save energy and keep raw materials and machinery and equipment in optimal condition.

Reducing packaging and printed matter wherever possible.

Paper is also waste, and saving materials is a permanent necessity.

Packaging has always been a high priority at our company. For example, we use paper and glass wherever possible, avoid decorative outer cartons, wires and composites as far as possible, and use only recyclable monomaterials for plastics.

Our knowledge: Raising ecological awareness

As a practical knowledge provider, we play a responsible role in qualifying ecological market participants.

Raising customer and consumer awareness of ecological quality

More and more people want to know about sustainable alternatives in all areas of life. With ever greater knowledge of quality, consumer preference for organic products over conventional products is growing - a compelling prerequisite for the environmental transition.

Our mission for qualification

P. Jentschura offers a wide range of opportunities for the successful qualification of our customers:

We help our business customers increase their sales success with measured, descriptive and useful consumer information. After all, only sustainable products that are sold ultimately generate benefits - for producers, manufacturers, retailers, consumers and the environment.

We also visit and train our customers on site at their points of sale. Effective product placement, consumer training and needs-oriented advice are important to ensure that natural products receive the necessary attention and attractiveness and gain more and more market share.

We are professionalizing our training and seminar activities with the establishment of the "Jentschura Academy".