Alkaline nutrition

Naturally healthy and delicious

With an alkaline diet you supply your body with all the necessary nutrients and vital substances and support the acid-alkaline balance. The predominantly plant-based, wholesome foods also contain high-quality carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins as well as alkalising minerals and vitamins, which specifically counteract excess acidity in the body.

Acid-alkaline balanced nutrition

Whether a food has an acidic or alkaline effect depends on its mineral and protein content. Foods only develop their alkaline or acidic effect during digestion – the taste is irrelevant: lemons, which taste sour, also count as alkalising foods.

No additional acids are produced during metabolism. Instead, the body can neutralise and eliminate acids produced by the plant-based vital substances contained in the food. At the same time, the vital substances support our body and all its organs so they function smoothly.

With a wholesome, alkaline-rich diet, you create the perfect basis for the right acid-alkaline balance and long-lasting health and performance.

Achieve an acid-alkaline balance with 80 to 20 based on the P. Jentschura principle

To support the acid-alkaline balance through nutrition, 80 percent of the diet should contain alkalising and neutral foods such as vegetables, fruit, good vegetable oils and gluten-free plants. The other 20 percent consists of acidifying foods such as protein-rich pulses, poultry, fish and dairy products, which are also important for the human metabolism in moderation. When choosing food, it is also highly recommended to pay attention to freshness, regional produce and organic quality.

80% alkaline-rich and neutral

alkaline-rich and neutral


  • high quality vegetable oils (linseed and olive oil)
  • coconut fat, ghee
  • butter, cream
  • almonds
  • natural yogurt
  • low fat quark withlinseed oil (by Dr. Johanna Budwig)
  • natural fish oil
  • vegan algae oil

20 % acidifying

  • fish
  • meat
  • eggs
  • cheese
  • quark
  • soya products
  • pulses
  • whole grain products
  • agave syrup, honey, rice syrup

in small measures

  • pork
  • sausages
  • sugar and confectionery
  • sweeteners
  • fast food, convenience products
  • white flour
  • pasta
  • sunflower, safflower and corn germ oil
  • salty snacks
  • soft and energy drinks
  • alcohol

Alkaline start to the day with P. Jentschura

Breakfast is essential for a healthy and successful start to the day. If you supply your body with high-quality carbohydrates and vital substances in the morning, you will be fit and able to perform early and for a long time.

A healthy eating pattern is the basis for a lifelong healthy body and mind. The focus here is on a wholesome breakfast. However, many people resort to a high-sugar cereal or classic sandwich in the morning. P. Jentschura has the ideal alternative for this:

The gluten-free and lactose free MorgenStund' porridge is a perfect breakfast in many ways. Its recipe, free of any additives, complies with the principle of clean eating. The gluten-free plants millet, buckwheat and amaranth impress with a very high variety of nutrients, only have a few calories and provide long-lasting and evenly distributed energy due to their complex carbohydrates. These power grains also contain a lot of zinc, magnesium, iron, biotin and high-quality vegetable protein and therefore promote a healthy acid-alkaline balance. A warm breakfast is also extremely digestible.

Endless options – varied and individual

The vegan alkaline porridge can be refined with fresh fruit, nuts or high-quality linseed oil, to suit your taste. As a smoothie, bowl, cake or oven bake, MorgenStund' also provides many vitamins, minerals and trace elements that you need for a healthy and successful start to the day – a true superfood.

Tip: For an extra portion of vital substances, top the ready-prepared MorgenStund' with a little WurzelKraft/AlkaLife.

More recipes...

Well supplied throughout the day

It is often difficult to choose the right lunch. It has to be quick and at the same time healthy and tasty. Canteens or the bakery around the corner usually serve high-calorie, low-nutrient meals that turn the afternoon into a time of feeling full and lacking energy. Lunch should be light but still rich in nutrients, so you can start the second half of the day full of vigour.

Enjoy the treasures of nature

The TischleinDeckDich quinoa and millet meal is an ideal basis for just such a lunch. It not only impresses with how quick it is to prepare and minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium, but also contains the important vitamins, folic acid and vitamin B as well as high-quality protein and fibre.

For that extra portion of vital substances

With the phytoenergetic power and effect of more than 100 plants, WurzelKraft / AlkaLife supplies our body with all the important vital and micronutrients. With its multitude of bioactive substances, the omnimolecular and omni-frequent natural food supports the acid-alkaline balance and sustainably strengthens our vitality as well as our defences and immune system – not least due to its high content of bitter substances.

WurzelKraft / AlkaLife speeds up our regeneration with its unique energetic potential and is regarded by insiders as a true beauty enhancer from within. The valuable plant ingredients in optimal bioavailability supply skin, hair, nails and teeth with natural vital substances for a perfect appearance – spoon by spoon.

The food from P. Jentschura is also very suitable for alkaline fasting.