Alkaline body care

Gently nourished and regenerated

Alkaline body care is the most natural form of skin care. It cleanses and regenerates intensively, helps with skin problems such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis and eczema and relieves the metabolism. Moreover, it supports our organism to keep the acid-alkaline balance in equilibrium. With our alkaline natural cosmetics, you consciously give yourself time to recharge your energy, peace and strength for everyday life. 

Proven for thousands of years, appreciated as never before

Simply switch off and enjoy: after a stressful day, a full bath is almost like a little wellness holiday. The tradition of relaxing while bathing is more than 2,000 years old. Already the Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra, famous for her beauty, regularly treated herself to long baths in alkaline, mineral-rich donkey’s and mare’s milk to care for her velvety-soft skin. Up until not that long ago, body care and cleansing with potash and sodium salts or soaps made from ash and beef tallow followed the ancient tradition of alkaline body care.

Inspired by nature Natural from birth

Alkaline body care not only upholds an ancestral tradition, but is also based on nature. Babies grow in a “full bath” of amniotic fluid for nine months. This amniotic fluid is slightly alkaline with a pH of 8-8.5. Babies are born with skin that is pure alkaline, soft to the touch and wonderfully fragrant. So what could be more natural than to learn from nature and to cleanse and care for our bodies in an alkaline way? Alkaline-mineral baths are excellent for this purpose.

In an alkaline bath with the MeineBase/AlkaBath body care salts, every cell “remembers” the metabolic and excretory processes practised for nine months in the amniotic fluid, during which the body is gently cleansed and the skin intensively cared for and regenerated.

Nowadays, alkaline body care in all its facets is experiencing a true renaissance in terms of preventive health and beauty care and is enjoying great popularity.

Original purity

Alkaline body care stands for original purity and regeneration. Many processes in the organism can only function optimally in an alkaline environment. In order to preserve this condition, the body strives to neutralise and eliminate acids as well as harmful substances from our diet and the environment. Our skin plays a key role in this, as it has the ability to assist in taking the strain off the body.

With alkaline body care, the skin’s natural excretory function is actively used and the entire organism is relieved. It improves the skin’s ability to rehydrate itself, leaving it feeling pleasantly supple – so dry and itchy skin does not stand a chance.

The pH-value is crucial
Alkaline body cleansing with pH-values of 7.5 to 8.5 ensures that acids and pollutants are excreted through the skin so that more can then be pushed through the sweat and sebaceous glands later. This relieves the entire organism.

Invigorating start to the day

For many, a warm shower is a morning ritual. The BasenSchauer alkaline shower gel not only contains nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera and herbal extracts, but also provides a vitalising effect thanks to the fresh scent of camphor. For an alkaline scrub, BasenSchauer can be mixed with MeineBase/AlkaBath in a ratio of 2:1. A scrub gently removes hard and flaky skin, leaving it looking firm and supple.

Alkaline magic in skin care

Our skin envelops our insides and also performs numerous tasks: Very important among them is its excretory function. If we care for our skin throughout our lives, this results in long-lasting physical health and quality of life, because healthy skin not only looks beautiful, but will also reliably fulfil its functions. With AbraCaDabra by P .Jentschura, you activate, care for and vitalize your skin: Alkaline applications with the unique herbal mix promote blood circulation and open the pores – thus allowing harmful substances to be more easily eliminated from your organism. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory effect of white cabbage leaves, your skin also experiences special, gentle and alkaline care.

Beautiful and strong hair

Our scalp, an often underestimated reservoir of minerals, should not be forgotten in the context of alkaline body care. Especially in the case of problems such as scalp itching and burning, dandruff or hair loss, the scalp should be cleansed with alkaline products to reactivate blocked hair roots and eliminate harmful substances through the sweat and sebaceous glands. With SkalPuro and the P. Jentschura scalp treatment, this is child’s play in four steps. The result is full, voluminous hair with youthful buoyancy and vitality.

More information on deep cleansing the scalp can be found in our "Alkaline hair care" themed section.

Alkaline variety

In the evening there is usually a bit more time to relax. Treat yourself to a warm full bath, especially in stressful times and on cold days. The following principle applies: the more skin is bathed in an alkaline solution and the longer this alkaline treatment lasts, the more effective it is.

MeineBase/AlkaBath is also suitable for foot baths, scrubs, massages, wraps and many other applications.

Muscle soreness prevented naturally

Alkaline body care is also particularly suitable for regeneration after sport, because during this time more acids are produced that should be eliminated as quickly as possible.

For these to not become a strain and result, for example, in aching muscles, alkaline applications such as alkaline cuffs worn during sport or a shower with the BasenSchauer alkaline shower gel afterwards help the body recover.

Soft baby skin cared for naturally

Particularly in the case of dermatological problems such as neurodermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, fungal skin and similar conditions, an alkaline bath has a soothing and caring effect on baby and children’s skin, but of course also on mature, adult skin.

It ensures gentle cleansing, helps delicate and sensitive baby skin to rehydrate itself and does not sting the eyes. Especially in the evening, a full bath is proven to help with falling asleep. A heaped teaspoon of MeineBase/AlkaBath is sufficient for a children’s bath of approx. 20 litres.

Tip: For quick daily alkaline cleansing of the face and nappy area, dissolve a pinch of MeineBase/AlkaBath in a cup of warm water and then dab on with a soft cloth.

Alkaline treatments at the salon, SPA or hotel

For all those who would like to leave the stress of everyday life behind, alkaline body care offers many possibilities for pampering, intensive alkaline treatments. Chill out and treat yourself and your skin to something good.

Find your own personal time-out, be it at a beauty salon or SPA, or enjoy the interplay of harmonious treatments, alkaline nutrition and profound relaxation as well as exercise sessions at selected spa and wellness hotels.

You will find further information on the variety of alkaline treatments and all individual offers in our “Alkaline treatments” themed section.

Brushing – a feast for the skin

Dry and wet brushing are also recommended, as they additionally stimulate the metabolism and the skin’s circulation and ensure supple, soft skin. Brush massages also have a beneficial effect on the circulation and the nervous system, so you can start every morning refreshed and perfectly cared for!

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Alkaline body care with Monica Meier-Ivancan