Brush massages

Naturally beautiful and firm skin with body brushing

Regular body brushing not only ensures smooth and enviable skin, but also supports the lymph flow and therefore cleanses the body from the inside!

Wonderful body care with a great effect

Dry brushing is a natural detox and anti-ageing body care for the skin at the same time!

This is particularly noticeable in the connective tissue. Body brushing is ideal for cellulite, stretch marks or clogged pores. The gentle exfoliating effect of the bristles gets the skin’s blood flowing, activates the lymphatic system and removes dead skin. This ensures smooth and radiant looking skin.

Healthy skin sustainably purifies the body

Our skin quickly sends out warning signals when our body has too much acid. Dandruff, hard skin or heavy sweating can be indications that something is upsetting the body or that other systems (e.g. the kidneys or liver) are under stress.

As our largest organ, our skin contributes massively to the elimination of acids such as formic acid, lactic acid or uric acid. The heroes here are the sweat and sebaceous glands. They excrete water and fat-soluble substances that have been previously filtered out in our lymphatic “purification plant”.

The lymphatic system – our “purification plant”

Jentschura’s brush massages make use of the skin’s elimination function and take the lymph flow direction into account.

Our lymphatic system works like a purification plant in our body. Everything the cell no longer needs and excretes again reaches the lymph and is then disposed of by our excretory organs (kidneys, liver, skin).

The lymph also works strictly on behalf of the immune system. This is because it transports white blood cells that trap invaders and pathogens throughout the body. They are then combated in the lymph nodes and excreted again.

Dry brushing

Anyone who has trouble getting out of bed in the morning or needs an additional energy booster will benefit from dry brushing. Before showering, it gets the blood flowing and circulation going. This keeps your feet and hands comfortably warm and boosts your spirits, especially in winter.

Tip: For a natural and long-lasting scrub, brush the impure skin and then wash away any loosened skin particles.

Wet brushing

MeineBase/AlkaBath at pH 8.5 also assists the skin in eliminating acids and toxins. Brush intensively every 15 minutes.

Tip: If you are in a hurry, our bath brush used with BasenSchauer, for example, provides the right boost of freshness and energy in the shower.

How to use in the lymphatic flow

The direction of brushing is important for all brush applications! Always brush in the direction of excretion, i.e. in the direction of "drainage".

Avoid stressed, reddened or sensitive skin areas. You should also not brush any injured skin, rosacea or acne.

Tip: Massaging the scalp using Jentschura’s professional hair brush is an essential first step when using SkalPuro. It prepares the scalp for deep cleansing with the alkaline scalp gel.