Cosmetic brush

Kosmetikbürste – für empfindliche Haut
  • natural bristles
  • with slightly harder bristles than those of the facial brush, also suitable for sensitive and delicate body parts
  • suitable for salon treatments  

The soft cosmetic brush from P. Jentschura offers relaxation for sensitive and delicate areas of the body.

If you have rather tough skin, the cosmetic brush with its high-quality wild boar bristles can also be used superbly for a relaxing facial massage or for pampering treatments in the décolleté area.


  • Usage: dry and wet brushing
  • Bristles: soft, light bristles (high-quality wild boar bristles of the traditional brand Chungking, first cut)
  • Bristles: 7 rows
  • Wood: local beech wood (plywood), two recessed grips
  • Wood protection: dipped in wax
  • Care Instructions

    Brushes can be cleaned with the help of a brush cleaner or comb. Rinse bristles with lukewarm soapy water if necessary. Allow the brush to dry on a towel with the bristles facing down. Please do not dry on the heater or with the help of a hair dryer, as this may cause the wood to crack.

Tip for application

The delicate bristles of this brush are ideal to introduce your children to brushing in a playful way. Simply take the small, handy brush into the bath with you when you bathe together or your child takes a bath.

By the way: this brush is also highly recommended for men with thinning hair to vitalise the sensitive scalp through brushing.

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What others say about P. Jentschura

Paula Saalfeld

Nutritionist, herbal therapist and expert for holistic skin care

Dry brushing is a ritual that I have been practising for years to start fresh and bright into each new day. I can no longer imagine doing without this unique, premium-quality energy brush from P. Jentschura!