Professional massage brush

Profi-Massagebürste – für robuste Haut
  • natural bristles
  • wellness from head to toe    
  • your full body exfoliating partner
  • indispensable for all salon treatments

With the professional massage brush, you will discover dry brushing as a completely new wellness feeling. The medium-strong natural bristles will bring you new vitality and offer a true massage experience, especially for people with robust skin - and that from head to toe.


  • Usage: dry and wet brushing
  • Bristles: medium-strong, light bristles
    (high-quality wild boar bristles from the traditional brand Chungking, first cut)
  • Bristles: 148 rows
  • Wood: local beech wood (solid wood), black Velcro® fastener to adjust it to any sized hand
  • Wood protection: dipped in wax
  • Care Instructions

    Brushes can be cleaned with the help of a brush cleaner or comb. Tap out thoroughly after use. Carefully remove deposits with a cotton cloth sprayed with disinfectant.

Tip for application

Massage away tiredness: The brush massage is particularly beneficial as a morning treatment before showering to purposefully activate the circulation and lymph flow and gently stimulate the nervous system.

A nice side effect: the additional, adjustable Velcro® provides relief for hand and finger joints when brushing.

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What others say about P. Jentschura

Paula Saalfeld

Nutritionist, herbal therapist and expert for holistic skin care

Dry brushing is a ritual that I have been practising for years to start fresh and bright into each new day. I can no longer imagine doing without this unique, premium-quality energy brush from P. Jentschura!