Alkaline cuffs

AlkaWear functional textiles

BasischeStulpen – Funktionswäsche
  • one size
  • two pairs of cuffs in one pack
  • ideal complement to full baths and foot baths using MeineBase/AlkaBath
  • versatile
  • comfortable and slip resistant
  • can be used for arms and legs

Whether during sports, at work or in everyday life – the elastic and tight-fitting AlkaWear alkaline cuffs can be worn inconspicuously any time to increase your well-being alongside. Be it at home or while travelling: with the cuffs as a “mobile foot bath” you keep fit and mobile in every situation in life.

The AlkaWear alkaline cuffs are a modern, resource-saving alternative to the full bath and therefore meet the requirements of ecological sustainability. They promote regeneration after sporting activity and provide refreshment – a boon as well on hot days. Worn under sports or everyday clothing they disappear discreetly and are hardly visible due to the chosen neutral colour and perfect, smooth fit.


97 % cotton, 3 % elastane

How to use the alkaline cuffs

  1. Fully dissolve one teaspoon of MeineBase/AlkaBath alkaline mineral body care salts in approx. ½ litre of water at body temperature.
  2. Put the alkaline cuffs in until they are wet through and then wring them out thoroughly.
  3. Wear the cuffs under clothing or uncovered.
  4. The cuffs should be washed after each use.

Washing instructions

Wash the cuffs after each use by hand or machine wash, using a mild detergent or wool detergent at a maximum of 30 °C. Pull the alkaline cuffs back into shape after washing. Please do not tumble dry.

featherlight legs with the alkaline stockings and cuffs

What others say about P. Jentschura

Roland Abächerli

Mountain Bike World Cup champion

As an athlete, I’ve learned to pay attention to my acid-alkaline balance. Jentschuras Alkaline Program has helped me achieve top results and feel good while doing so.