Across the Alps – and beyond

P. Jentschura is a partner of Europe's largest sporting events

In the finish area, the popular alkaline products await the athletes at the Jentschura stand.

In the finish area, the popular alkaline products await the athletes at the Jentschura stand.

The outdoor season has begun and many cyclists, runners and triathletes are training hard for an event where they can prove their skills this summer. At many of these sporting events, P. Jentschura is at the starting line as a partner to provide alkaline support for the active athletes. "Jentschura has long been established as a fixture in endurance sports. Many appreciate our products, but also our knowledge about the benefits of an alkaline lifestyle," explains Roland Jentschura, who has been personally on site at numerous events for years.

For cyclists, the Tour Transalp (June 19 to 25) and Bike Transalp (July 3 to 9) are particularly demanding events, with around 1,000 amateurs from around 40 nations battling their way across the Alps on road and mountain bikes respectively. In each of the seven days, between 500 and 600 kilometres and 16,000 to 18,000 meters of altitude must be conquered. This makes the food and drink provided at the finish line all the more important. To ensure that the ambitious athletes don't run out of energy, P. Jentschura will once again be there as an official partner to provide the cyclists with professional nutrition.

Jentschura offers active individuals food that gives them energy and is easy to digest. "Stage events are real carbohydrate battles for the athletes," explains Roland Jentschura. To the qualified nutritionist, it is important that all participants receive the best possible care - in terms of nutritional physiology and regeneration. That's why all participants are provided with MorgenStund' for breakfast at the overnight camp, alkaline snacks along the route, and food at the finish line that includes MorgenStund', TischleinDeckDich and WurzelKraft / AlkaLife. Says Jentschura: "We offer the athletes complex carbohydrates, which is the main fuel for such a stage event, and the plant-based vital substances in WurzelKraft / AlkaLife are like oil for the engine - so it just runs smoothly." There are also alkaline foot baths for regeneration after each stage, so the athletes are fit to pedal again the next day. By the way, a team wearing the Jentschura jersey will be demonstrating how well this works during the tour.

Of course, P. Jentschura does not only look after "bikers". The brand is also at the starting line of many other sports - such as the world's largest triathlon event, Challenge Roth (July 3). At the follow-up event to Ironman Europe, the thousands of participants from 60 nations have to swim 3.8 kilometers in the Main-Danube Canal, then cycle 180 kilometres through Middle Franconia and run a marathon afterwards. The course in Roth is considered to be particularly demanding and very fast. This makes it very popular with fans and athletes.

In addition to the large and international events, P. Jentschura also supports numerous smaller national and local events. The athletes are always provided with alkaline food and thus with pure power - whether at breakfast, on the course or at the finish line. Foot baths with MeineBase / AlkaLife are also regularly available to the finishers for regeneration.