MorgenStund' Coconut Crumble

Ingredients for 2-3 servings
6 tbsps MorgenStund'
240 – 280 ml water
125 g natural or vanilla yoghurt
3 – 4 tsps cherry jam
100 g whipped cream or coconut whipped cream
2 tbsps MorgenStund'
2 tbsps coconut flakes
½ – 1 tbsp cane sugar
1 ½ tbsps coconut oil

Mix MorgenStund' with boiling water, leave to soak for 1-2 minutes and leave to cool. Whip the cream and mix with the yoghurt.

Mix the ingredients for the crumble (add a little coconut oil here if needed), place in a baking dish and bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C for approx. 8-10 minutes until golden brown, then allow to cool.

Now layer in 180 glasses from the bottom to the top: MorgenStund' porridge, yoghurt cream, cherry jam and crumble.

Tip: Instead of the cherry jam, you can of course also use another jam or a homemade fruit compote.