Nasal rinse cup

for rinsing the nose and sinuses

Nasal rinse cup
  • easy to use
  • the ideal companion if you have a cold
  • for use at home and on the go

This conveniently shaped cup is the ideal aid for performing an alkaline nasal rinse. Especially if you suffer from a mild cold, dusty air or dry mucous membranes, the rinse helps you breathe deeply again and makes your nose feel comfortable.

Product details

Capacity: 100 ml
Colour: white
Material: plastic

How to use the nasal rinse cup

Pour body-temperature water and a pinch of MeineBase / AlkaBath into the nasal rinse cup. Stir the solution until the salt crystals dissolve and then test with the tip of your nose whether the temperature of the solution is comfortable for you.

Now place the cup under your nose, so that both nostrils are immersed in the solution. Then slowly tilt your head backwards. The alkaline solution will slowly run into both nostrils at the same time. If necessary, you can pull up the liquid slightly into your nose. The liquid will then run down your throat and can be spat out.