Successfully alkaline with P. Jentschura

This was 2018 for anyone active

Bei der Bike Transalp galt es in sieben Tagesetappen und bei rund 18.000 Höhenmetern die Alpen mit dem Mountainbike zu überqueren.

The summer of 2018 was not just sunny - it was sporty too. Be it marathons, triathlons or bike races: P. Jentschura was present at countless sporting events throughout Europe, often starting with its own team as well as supporting professional and amateur athletes in terms of refreshments and regeneration. The P. Jentschura team at these events also acted as ambassadors for a balanced, alkaline diet and the right regeneration as a basis for a healthy sport and essential element for a successful professional career.

The P. Jentschura brand is virtually omnipresent – particularly in cycling. The brand was the official partner of the Tour Transalp (24 to 30 June) for the eighth time in a row and the supporter of Bike Transalp (15 to 21 July) for the seventh time. The two tours are among the largest and most spectacular cycling events in Europe. In seven daily stages and over about 18,000 metres in cumulative elevation gain, participants have to conquer the Alps on either racing or mountain bikes.

P. Jentschura had its own team in these events, as well as supporting the cyclists with the refreshments and regeneration. Both with refreshments at the finish line and with alkaline snacks along the way: the Jentschura MorgenStund’ Millet-Buckwheat Broth, the TischleinDeckDich Quinoa-Buckwheat meal and the WurzelKraft 100-plant food were just the right thing to refuel enough for the strenuous stages. A tonne of MorgenStund’ was consumed at the Tour Transalp. In addition, the cyclists were given alkaline footbaths, which ensured rapid regeneration of the leg muscles and got them ready for the next stage. P. Jentschura were also able to delight in significant successes with their own team. The women in the Jentschura Swiss Team, Margrit Abächerli and Barbara Lehmann, were awarded an outstanding second place at the Tour Transalp.

The Jentschura Radon Team also showed their fighting spirit again. At the Rad am Ring (27 to 29 July) at the tradition-steeped Nürburgring venue, the team started the legendary 24-hour mountain bike race in the individual, 2-rider and 4-rider categories. After an intensive and exciting race, in which one cyclist had to withdraw prematurely due to a collarbone fracture, the 4-rider team still managed to gain the fourth place in their age class. Especially pleasing: The two-rider team, consisting of Tim Greis and Martin Ritterbach, surprisingly managed the overall victory thanks to a very convincing performance.

However, it wasn’t just in the cycling that P. Jentschura proved itself providing strong support. The brand is also at the start of many other sporting events.
This was the case at the Challenge Roth (1 July), one of the world’s largest triathlon events. 3,400 individual starters and 650 squads from 75 nations rose to the enormous challenge and achieved peak physical performances. P. Jentschura was there to provide the participants with sustenance in the form of MorgenStund', WurzelKraft and TischleinDeckDich and support their regeneration with MeineBase footbaths after 3.8 kilometres of swimming, 180 kilometres of cycling and 42 kilometres of running.

The Deutsche Post Ladies Run also took place over the summer months in Bremen, Wiesbaden and Leipzig among other venues. The participants were able to decide whether to record a time for the five or ten kilometres or to simply enjoy it – free from every stress and against a beautiful backdrop. P. Jentschura was there to support the amateur and professional runners with finishing line refreshments and regeneration and to explain the philosophy behind the brand.

P. Jentschura was also at the starting line of many other regional sporting events. This meant the brand, as the official partner, was there at the start of the Sparda-Münster City Triathlon (22 July).
The triathlon began with a 150 metre swim through Münster’s harbour basin for the athletes, with friends, fans and countless onlookers rooting for them. Then, they had to cover 20 kilometres on bike before conquering the last hurdle of a five kilometre run. The athletes were provided with alkaline supplies by P. Jentschura and refreshed with pure power. P. Jentschura was also at the finish line, providing regeneration in the form of MeineBase footbaths.

Whether amateur athletes or professionals: anyone wanting to enjoy sporting success needs to focus on more than just intensive training. Physical regenerations, targeted deacidification and a conscious diet are important factors for long-lasting performance increases and the basis for healthy sport. To further promote this knowledge, P. Jentschura will continue to attend numerous sporting events in the coming year to support athletes by providing products and advice.

The highlights of the Sparda-Münster City Triathlon can be seen here: