30 years of healthy living the alkaline way

P. Jentschura celebrates anniversary

Alkaline longevity: Peter Jentschura founded his company in 1993. 30 years later, the business has become an international company with more than 100 employees.

Alkaline longevity: Peter Jentschura founded his company in 1993. 30 years later, the business has become an international company with more than 100 employees.

What began in a backyard in 1993 has developed into a global player. From its trailblazing beginnings, P. Jentschura has since expanded to become the leading manufacturer of alkaline foods and textiles as well as regenerative skincare products. And the progress continues. In its present anniversary year, the company is launching its very own training academy.

"Knowledge is power." With these winged words, the English philosopher Francis Bacon tried to bring the methods of natural science and research closer to the people of his time some 400 years ago. This catch phrase sums up the success story of Jentschura International perfectly. In the beginning, Peter Jentschura's long-standing research focus was viewed with scepticism. Today, even renowned physicians and recognized scientists are exploring his topic, the acid-alkaline balance of the human organism. To call Peter Jentschura a pioneer in this field is therefore by no means exaggerated.

The company's founder and CEO already grew up around a great deal of naturopathic knowledge, as it were. The company looks back on a long history with herbalist origins: Peter Jentschura's parents already ran a herbalist store and were trained as traditional herbalists, with profound knowledge of teas, herbs, plants, body care and health products. Peter Jentschura, after graduating from high school, completed an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk and as a chemist, and soon began working intensively with alkaline body care products and foods.

"I devoted my research particularly to the human metabolism." states entrepeneur and environmentalist Peter Jentschura. In 1993, he ventured into self-employment. Together with his mother Margarete and his son Robert, he founded Jentschura International GmbH. Today, daughter Barbara and son Roland are on board as well – a true family business that is also successful internationally.

In the beginning, however, the company still had the true minimalist characteristics of a small cottage industry. "For example, we bottled the 7x7 KräuterTee / AlkaHerb ourselves by hand, and larger quantities were packed in the courtyard behind the herbal shop," Jentschura recalls. An increased presence at trade fairs as well as ISO certification, a confirmation of European standards in 2003, opened up larger markets also internationally.

The products of the BasenKur alkaline treatment line have been perennial favourites since the very beginning: 7x7 KräuterTee / AlkaHerb, the WurzelKraft / AlkaLife omnimolecular granules and the MeineBase / AlkaBath body care salt. Today, moreover, the product palette offers something suitable for various needs and health conditions. From alkaline foods to body care and products with oxygen to wraps, brushes and other products. For this reason, numerous cosmetic studios and gyms with high quality standards have long specialized in P. Jentschura's applications and product line. Throughout Europe, health food stores, pharmacies and organic food stores carry the brand products. Jentschura International GmbH is also the official consultant and supplier of the Austrian Ski Association and other top-class teams and athletes – including the volleyball Bundesliga pros of USC Münster. In addition, the acid-alkaline experts are partners in Europe's most spectacular road bike and mountain bike stage races, the Tour and Bike Transalp, and many other sporting events.

The path leads steadily upward. As a major brand-name provider of alkaline foods and body care products, P. Jentschura is now a market leader. Firmly rooted at its headquarters in Münster, the family-owned company conducts its business activities worldwide and exports its products to more than 25 countries. Jentschura International GmbH, which maintains branches abroad in Switzerland and Mexico, primarily serves the German market as well as neighbouring European countries, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Latin America and Canada.

Says Jentschura: "We are happy to make a contribution to people's health with our products. In this context, I must thank my mother Margarete and my long-time friend Josef Lohkämper, both of whom have been invaluable companions to me." But the 82-year-old's attention is directed firmly toward the future. And that future is practically right around the corner. The new Jentschura Academy is currently being built on the company grounds in Münster Westphalia. The idea is to teach people how to live a healthy life in a very practical way - with seminars, cooking classes together and bathing treatments.

Of course, the focus is on the anniversary. After all, it deserves to be celebrated. And exciting campaigns are planned – many of them in the area of social media, making it easy for customers to engage. Jentschura will also be visible in retail stores – for example, through sales promotions and contests. Another goal continues to be the expansion of international markets. But for now, plans are being made locally – with an open house to mark the official inauguration of the Academy in May. Beside the company and the Academy, one thing is most important to Jentschura: "Especially in these troubled times, we want to give people a perspective and contribute to their well-being."