pH test strips

with urine measurement protocol

pH-Streifen – zur pH-Wert Bestimmung
  • package content: 100 units
  • measuring range: pH 4.5-10.0

The pH-strips measure the pH-value of urine, drinks or other liquids easily and quickly. It is especially interesting to compare the pH-value of the water before and after the alkaline full or foot bath.

Application of the pH test strip kit

To measure the pH-value, a stick is dipped into the liquid until the colours no longer change. The pH-value can be identified by comparing it to the colour scale in the package.

Urine measurement protocol

In addition to the pH strips, you will receive a three to five-day urine measurement and nutrition protocol. It contains detailed instructions and further relevant information about the correct method for measuring the urine pH.

What others say about P. Jentschura

Monica Meier-Ivancan

Model & moderator

I am 100% behind this amazing health concept and know that with these products and applications I am doing something good for both myself and my family.