Cooling blanket

AlkaWear functional textiles

Cooling blanket
  • one size: approx. 1.35 m x 2.00 m
  • especially pleasant on hot days
  • in-house production    
  • resource-saving usage of water and energy 
  • mobile and location-independent usage - whether at home or while travelling

The cooling blanket is the innovative solution for hot days and summery warm nights. The airy, pleasant gauze fabric prevents unpleasant sweating, unwelcome heat build-ups and promises a restful and refreshing sleep. Ideal for tropical temperatures in- and outside with no cooling in sight.


100% cotton gauze

How to use the cooling blanket

The CoolingBlanket can be used dry, sprayed with an alkaline solution or humidified.

Alkaline refreshing moisture:

  1. Thoroughly dissolve one teaspoon of MeineBase/AlkaBath in about ½ litre of warm water and fill it into a detergent dispenser.
  2. Spread out the cooling blanket and spray it selectively with the lye solution.
  3. Then cover yourself with the slightly damp blanket and enjoy a refreshingly cool night’s sleep or a rest during the day.

Dry and airy:

The cooling blanket can as well be used in dry condition. Due to its finely woven, airy and breathable gauze fabric, the cooling blanket is the ideal accompaniment both during the day and at night in the warm season.

Washing instructions

The cooling blanket can be machine washed with a colour detergent at a max. of 60 °C. After washing, pull it back into shape to dry, if required iron it in cotton setting. It can also be tumble-dried at low temperatures.

Note: Worn AlkaWear products are excluded from our refund policy.