Alkaline neck and forehead wrap

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Basischer Hals- und StirnWickel
  • one size fits all
  • with practical fastening straps
  • in-house production
  • resource-saving usage of water and energy 
  • mobile use regardless of where you are – be it at home or while travelling

Use the alkaline neck and forehead wrap for an effective purification of these areas of the body. Warm wraps also help with sore throats and headaches.

Warm wraps on the forehead, neck and joints provide noticeable relief to and have been proven effective when used at the first signs of a cold, with headaches and joint problems. Our neck and forehead wrap combines these health benefits with those of alkaline body care and relieves purposeful.


100% cotton gauze


  1. Fully dissolve one teaspoon of MeineBase/AlkaBath in approx. ½ litre of warm water.
  2. Dip the narrow half of the neck wrap into the lye enough to wrap the wet end around the neck once.
  3. Then wring out this damp part thoroughly until it no longer drips.

How to use the alkaline forehead wrap

Place the wet part of the forehead wrap on the forehead and wrap the wider, dry part around the head. Wrap the straps attached to the end of the wrap in opposite directions around the forehead and head and tie in a bow.

How to use the alkaline neck wrap

Place the narrow, wet part of the wrap around the neck and wrap the wider, dry part around. Wrap the bands attached to the end of the wrap in opposite directions around the neck and secure with a bow.

Washing instructions

Machine wash at a max. of 60 °C using a colour detergent . Pull the alkaline neck and forehead wrap back into shape after washing and before drying, if required iron in cotton setting. The wrap can also be tumble-dried at low temperatures.

Note: Worn AlkaWear products are excluded from our refund policy.

What others say about P. Jentschura

Cathy Pirnack

Les Mills national trainer

Particularly in the cold season, I recommend a full bath with MeineBase/AlkaBath and the neck wrap if you have a slightly scratchy throat.