Alkaline neck and bronchial tubes wrap

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Alkaline neck and bronchial tubes wrap
  • consists of one molleton wrap and two gauze pads
  • discreet to wear
  • in-house production
  • resource-saving usage of water and energy
  • mobile use regardless of where you are – be it at home or while travelling

Neck pain, tension and headaches are the number one common suffering. Desk work, a lack of exercise, long drives, stress in everyday life and at work – all this leads to tense neck muscles in many people.

The innovative alkaline nape and bronchial tubes wrap combined with MeineBase/AlkaBath effectively relieves muscular tension in the neck and shoulder area and leads to noticeably more mobility.

Used as a bronchial tube wrap, the health wrap can also be used to assist with respiratory complaints.


100% cotton molleton wrap;
100% cotton gauze pad


  1. Fully dissolve one level teaspoon of MeineBase/AlkaBath in approx. ½ litre of very warm water.
  2. The gauze pad does not have to be placed completely in the alkaline lye, it just needs to be moistened on the surface. You could fill a laundry sprayer with the warm lye and use this to spray the gauze pad, or the lye can be dabbed or sprinkled onto the side of the gauze pad that is to be placed on the skin by hand.

How to use

Attach the gauze pad to the molleton wrap using the snaps. Then place the complete wrap around the nape or on the bronchial tubes and fasten it in front of the chest or on the back using the Velcro® fasteners. If you would like more warmth on the nape, you can place another heat source(*) on the wrap.

The wrap can be worn during the day or overnight under close-fitting clothing. This means it can not only be used when lying down, but also when moving. Leave it on for as long as you feel it is comfortable and effective. This should be for at least one full hour. Ideally, you should use it for a few hours, either during the day or overnight.

(*) A hot water bottle, a warmed moor, spelt or cherry stone cushion or similar can be used as a heat source.

Tip: You can also wear the dry molleton wrap without the gauze pad for warmth.


To determine the correct size please use a tape measure and measure your circumference above the chest.

  • Size 1: for a circumference above the chest of 70-85 cm
  • Size 2: for a circumference above the chest of 86-110 cm
  • Size 3: for a circumference above the chest of 111-125 cm

Washing instructions

As needed, the gauze pad and molleton wrap should be machine washed at max 60 °C using a colour detergent. The molleton wrap’s Velcro® fastener must be closed before washing. Pull the pad and wrap back into shape after washing and before drying and iron using the cotton setting if required.

Note: Worn AlkaWear products are excluded from our refund policy.

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