Alkaline Glove

AlkaWear functional textiles

Alkaline Glove
  • especially for applications with the AbraCaDabra product
  • moisten with warm water to remove any product residue
  • for effleurage and massages
  • can also be used for other applications, e.g. soaked in MeineBase / AlkaBath
  • hypoallergenic cotton gauze makes it suitable for sensitive skin as well

The Alkaline Glove offers a wide range of applications at the cosmetic salon and at home.

The Alkaline Glove from the high-quality P. Jentschura AlkaWear series is particularly suitable for effleurage and massages - especially in combination with AbraCaDabra and MeineBase / AlkaBath. However, it can also be used to cleanse the skin of product residues. Optimize your cosmetic routine with this simple tool.


  • 2 or 10 Gloves, one size
  • Material: 100 % cotton gauze

Application of the Alkaline Glove

Sprinkle one teaspoon of MeineBase / AlkaBath into about ½ liter of warm water and dissolve well. Immerse the Glove, wring out tightly and put on. Then cover to keep warm, e.g. with the Alkaline Cloth.

Washing instructions

Wash with color detergent at max. 60° C in the washing machine. After washing, the Alkaline Glove should be pulled into shape and dried, and ironed on the cotton setting if necessary. It can also be dried in the dryer at low temperatures.

Note: Worn AlkaWear textiles are excluded from returns.