Alkaline coat

AlkaWear functional textiles

BasischerMantel – Funktionswäsche
  • consisting of an inner shirt and an outer jacket    
  • the pack includes a laundry spray bottle
  • in-house production
  • resource-friendly usage of water and energy
  • location irrespective usage- be it at home or while travelling

The alkaline coat’s highly absorbent gauze fabric ensures a pleasantly cool sleeping comfort. The loosely woven inner shirt has a regulating effect especially during perspiring seasons and the outer coat prevents you from getting a chill.


100% cotton gauze


To determine the correct size please use a measuring tape and measure your waist or hip circumference, whichever of the two is larger. The larger circumference determines the size you need for the alkaline coat.

  • Size 1: for a circumference from 80-100 cm
  • Size 2: for a circumference of 101-110 cm
  • Size 3: for a circumference of 111-125 cm
  • Size 4: for a circumference of 126-155 cm

The inner shirt and outer coat can also be ordered individually.

How to use the alkaline coat

  1. Fully dissolve one teaspoon of MeineBase/AlkaBath in approx. ½ litre of warm water. Fill the laundry spray bottle with this lye.
  2. Spray the inner shirt with the lye and put it on. If you would like to wear the inner shirt wetter, please immerse it completely in the prepared lye.
  3. Next, wring out the wet shirt thoroughly until it no longer drips.
  4. Now put the shirt with the remaining moisture on and the dry outer coat over it. Covered up warmly, optionally with additional heat sources(*), the alkaline coat can be worn all night or for a few hours.

(*) A hot water bottle, a warmed moor, spelt, cherry stone cushion or similar can be used as a heat source.

If the alkaline coat feels too cold when worn wet, or if you are looking for a kind of “sweat shirt”, you can also wear the alkaline coat dry. For this purpose, prepare the inner shirt in the alkaline damp state as described above. Then after wringing it out, leave it to dry. The dry alkaline inner shirt and equally dry untreated outer coat can then be worn overnight.

Washing instructions

The outer coat can be machine washed using a colour detergent at a max. of 60 °C. Pull the inside shirt and outer coat back into shape after washing before drying. If required, iron in cotton setting. The outer coat can be tumble dried at low temperatures. It is not necessary to wash the outer coat after each use.

Note: Worn AlkaWear products are excluded from our refund policy.