Alkaline breast pads

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Alkaline breast pads
  • for skin irritations, sweating and eczema
  • for breastfeeding problems
  • hypoallergenic
  • individually tailored
  • also available in size XL

The alkaline breast pads made of high-quality, hypoallergenic cotton gauze effectively help with women’s complaints and skin problems in the breast area. Constant friction and heavy sweating in the skin fold under the breast can irritate the sensitive skin area and cause noticeable redness and skin irritation. More and more women are observing blisters, fungal infections and inflammations like eczema under the breast or at the bra’s pressure points – especially on hot summer days.

The alkaline-soaked breast pads provide relief! The pleasant bra inserts change the milieu of the skin and displace harmful, inflammatory bacteria, viruses and fungi, which feel particularly at home with acidic pH values. In addition, they stop pestering itching and actively promote the regeneration of dry, stressed skin – the perfect accessories for a beautiful, well-groomed décolleté!

The unique breast pads are also suitable for alleviating breastfeeding discomfort. They soothe irritated, sore nipples after breastfeeding. They can also help alleviate unpleasant hardness in the breast area, such as swelling of the mammary glands and lymph nodes. This makes the alkaline breast pads a practical alternative to anti-inflammatory breast wraps and quark compresses: flexible feel-good comfort for at home and on the go!


100% cotton gauze

For the alkaline breast pads we use extremely pleasant, natural gauze made of unbleached cotton, which feels wonderful and pleasant on the skin. Because of its skin-friendly and hypoallergenic properties, it is popular with allergy sufferers.

How to use Individual comfort

  1. Folded in the lateral breast area
  2. Folded under the breast
  3. Unfolded on the breast

Put on the bra, fold the breast pads if needed, and then position them by briefly lifting the bra. Alternatively, lay the bra on the dry edge of the sink with the inside of the cups facing upwards. Fold the alkaline breast pads, if necessary, and position them where you want in the cup, then put the bra on. The alkaline breast pads can be used both dry and in combination with MeineBase/AlkaBath or MiraVera.

How to use

with MeineBase/AlkaBath

Swish the breast pads in about ½ litre of lye made from very warm water and MeineBase/AlkaBath and wring out well so the pads are evenly moist and not dripping. Depending on requirements, the breast pads do not have to be fully immersed in the alkaline lye. They can also just be moistened on the surface to be placed against the skin. Then place the pads in the desired position in the breast area.

with MiraVera

In the event of skin inflammations and fungal problems in the breast area, the breast pads can also be used in combination with MiraVera. To do this, spray the breast pads on the sides that will touch the skin with 2 sprays each.

How to use

with AbraCaDabra®

AbraCaDabra can be used as support in case of skin irritations and problems. Moisten a filter bag pre-filled with AbraCaDabra (content: 1.5 g) with boiling water. Then place the filter bag, which has cooled to body temperature, on the desired area and cover it with the breast pad.

Alternative applications

As a breastfeeding pad, as washable and reusable make-up removal pads, as an alkaline pad for the eyes, forehead and sinuses

Application frequency

The breast pads can be used every day and throughout the day as an insert for the bra. Leave them on for as long as you feel it is comfortable and effective, to suit any discomfort you may have. Our recommendation: wear the pads for at least 30 minutes per day. If you use MeineBase/AlkaBath or MiraVera for a longer period of time and if the pads are moist, remoisten the breast pads occasionally. Change the pads as required.

Washing instructions

Can be machine washed using a color detergent at max. 60 °C . After washing, pull the pads back into shape and allow to dry (alternatively they can be dried in the tumble dryer at low temperatures).

Care instructions
If required, remove any remaining detergent in the woven textile after washing and before wearing by swirling and wringing it in alkaline lye.

What others say about P. Jentschura

Tina Trippold

Fitness trainer & blogger

he alkaline breast pads not only feel great, they are also the perfect accessories for sports. I feel more comfortable when I perspire – no sweaty smell at all.

Monica Meier-Ivancan

Model & moderator

I am 100% behind this amazing health concept and know that with these products and applications I am doing something good for both myself and my family.

Katja Wilk

Professional beautician

My clients appreciate the variety of applications of alkaline body care products. That’s why I am happy to be a cosmetics partner of P. Jentschura for many years.

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