Alkaline body wrap

AlkaWear functional textiles

Basischer LeibWickel – Funktionswäsche
  • consisting of a wrap with insert opening and a gauze pad
  • with practical insert opening for a heat source
  • in-house production
  • resource-saving usage of water and energy 
  • mobile use regardless of where you are – be it at home or while travelling

The alkaline body wrap is the ideal companion for wellness and detox programmes, but can also be used in everyday life due to how practical it is in the office, during standing activities or when resting.

Warm wraps are often used for relaxation and relief with stomach ache and period pains as well as for tension in the back.


100% cotton gauze


To determine the correct size, please use a tape measure and measure your waist circumference.

  • Size 1: for a waist circumference of 70-87 cm
  • Size 2: for a waist circumference of 88-120 cm
  • Size 3: for a waist circumference of 121-160 cm

How to use the alkaline body wrap

  1. Fully dissolve one teaspoon of MeineBase/AlkaBath in approx. ½ litre of warm water.
  2. Dip the gauze pad into the liquid, wet through and then wring out thoroughly.
  3. Fasten the gauze pad to the body wrap with the snaps or place it in the insert opening. A heat source (*) can also be placed behind the gauze pad on parts of the body that love heat, e.g. the kidneys.
  4. Once prepared, place the alkaline body wrap around the torso, with the part with the moist gauze pad in the middle or upper back area, on the kidneys in the lower back area, in the abdominal and chest area or in the right upper abdomen on the liver, depending on the chosen area of application.
  5. Fasten the alkaline body wrap using the firmly attached straps. Leave it on for as long as you feel it is comfortable and effective.

(*) A hot water bottle, a warmed moor, spelt or cherry stone cushion or similar can be used as a heat source.

Further applications

Liver wrap:

Our most important metabolic organ, the liver, is constantly in use to filter toxins and metabolised nutrients from our body. Furthermore, it is irreplaceable as a place for vitamins and minerals to be stored.

The wrap is a particularly good way to strengthen the liver function as a detoxification organ during health treatments and to make them even more effective.

Kidney wrap:

The wrap also has a wonderfully relieving effect on our kidneys, as they act as an excretory organ for our urine and are responsible for our water and electrolyte balance.

Washing instructions

The alkaline body wrap can be machine washed using a colour detergent at a max. of 60 °C. Pull the pad and wrap back into shape after washing and before drying and iron using the cotton setting if required.
The body wrap cloth can be tumble-dried at low temperatures.

Note: Worn AlkaWear products are excluded from our refund policy.