Sustainability as a guiding principle

P. Jentschura formulates environmental guidelines

Now online: the environmental guidelines of the P. Jentschura brand.

Now online: the environmental guidelines of the P. Jentschura brand.

Connected to nature, committed to health - that is the P. Jentschura brand's motto. That is why environmental protection has long been one of the company's guiding principles. And so it is only logical that we, as a manufacturer of alkaline foods and body care products, have now also formulated our environmental guidelines.

"The P. Jentschura brand focuses not only on high-quality, natural ingredients and resource-efficient manufacturing processes, but also on behaviour and knowledge content that will make the environmental transition a success," explains Managing Director Barbara Jentschura: "We love nature and all its treasures. That's why achieving the highest possible level of sustainability is extremely important to us."

For the traditional family business, the effort to protect the environment, the careful use of resources and to reduce the burden on the planet is a binding commitment to its customers, fellow human beings and future generations. For this reason, in addition to compliance with legal regulations and official requirements, the environmental guidelines also call for continuous improvement in environmental and energy efficiency and for meeting future challenges in the environmental and energy sector. This means that only natural raw materials are used, manufacturing processes and packaging are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, and ecological awareness is passed on to customers - for example at the new Jentschura NaturKundeAkademie.

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