Monica Meier-Ivancan remains brand ambassador

Partnership extended and intensified

Looking forward to continued cooperation with the P. Jentschura brand: Monica Meier-Ivancan.

Looking forward to continued cooperation with the P. Jentschura brand: Monica Meier-Ivancan.

She has long been the face of P. Jentschura: model, presenter and health-lifestyle influencer Monica Meier-Ivancan. The mother of two has been a firm believer in the philosophy for more than 13 years and loves and lives the products. Now we have extended the partnership for another three years - and at the same time stepped it up as part of a social media campaign.
According to marketing manager Guyves Sarkhosh, Meier-Ivancan is a perfect fit for Jentschura because she represents the segment of so-called "LOHAS", short for "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability". It describes people who maintain a sustainable lifestyle and place particular value on the aspects of health, family, environment and social issues. What is special is that LOHAS do not interpret the sustainable lifestyle in the sense of doing without, but as good and conscious consumption. And that exactly works with Jentschura.

Meier-Ivancan herself puts it more pragmatically: "I live the philosophy and love the products of P. Jentschura because it is the best for me and my family. I can't imagine living without alkaline body care and also the alkaline foods." That's exactly why she likes to present the brand. As part of the cross-media P. Jentschura communication package, she appears in a number of ways. Thus, the model can be seen in several image clips, gives advice on women's health or alkaline body care, reveals numerous favourite recipes with Jentschura foods via YouTube, and her photo appears in several advertisements and promotional materials. In P. Jentschura's pregnancy guidebook, the mother of two also co-authors tips on how women can get back into shape in a health-conscious way after giving birth. In the area of social media, the cooperation will be expanded even further. For example, monthly presentations of the model's everyday life with Jentschura products are planned.

"We are delighted to have found in Monica Meier-Ivancan a consistent brand ambassador who, because of her own convictions, reflects our alkaline approach to health and well-being not only in a sympathetic way, but also with extreme passion and authenticity," emphasizes company founder Dr. h. c. Peter Jentschura. After all, it is precisely because the 45-year-old highly appreciates Jentschura products and uses them regularly that she has been the ideal face for various advertising, PR and event campaigns since 2013 - both in Germany and internationally.

By the way, Meier-Ivancan is also active herself. After training as a fitness trainer and nutritionist, she presents her own courses - for example, at Beauty Days at Europapark in Rust near Freiburg and at the Stanglwirt Hotel in Kitzbühel for the past several years. And of course there, too, the model always subscribes to the Jentschura philosophy.