Sports Are Alkaline!

Summer 2023: P. Jentschura Once Again Partners with Numerous European Events

The joy of movement: Roland Jentschura with the brand’s team at Bike Transalp.

The joy of movement: Roland Jentschura with the brand’s team at Bike Transalp.

This year’s Tour Transalp stretched from Lienz, Austria to Arco, Italy, running amateur competitive cyclists from over 35 countries through a total distance of 827.30 kilometers and an elevation gain of 18,233 meters – an incredible challenge for the legs. Roland Jentschura and the entire Jentschura team were there the whole way. Besides offering professional advice on the importance of an acid-alkaline balance in athletics, their key mission was to provide active support for the cyclists. That included “MorgenStund’” hot cereal for breakfast, tasty snacks and alkaline foot baths with “MeineBase” at the finish line. P. Jentschura has been a fixture of the mammoth tour for many years.

The company has also long been a cooperating partner in Bike Transalp, a mountain biking event from Nauders in Tyrol to Riva del Garda, Italy. The course covers a total distance of 496.67 kilometers and an elevation gain of 17,527 meters. Seven stages that, according to the event organizer, are “fast and dirty, epic and magical, unexpected and thrilling.” The Jentschura team was at the “Bike Camp” here as well, serving “MorgenStund’” – an alkaline millet and buckwheat hot cereal rich in carbohydrates – and giving the endurance athletes strength for the next stage of the tour. When they reached the finish line, riders were treated to a revitalizing buffet including the company’s omnimolecular “WurzelKraft” seasoning and its “TischleinDeckDich” blend of quinoa, millet and vegetables.

“We accompany the bikers, supply them with ‘alkaline power’ and advise them on nutritional physiology. We also have ‘MeineBase’ foot baths available at the finish line. Regeneration is particularly important after sport,” Roland Jentschura explains. At events like these, it goes without saying that nearly all of the participants have been pushed to their physical and emotional limits. “The response at both cycling events was phenomenal,” says a happy Jentschura, who has provided support and advice for athletes at events for many years. Along with the theoretical background from his degree in ecotrophology, these practical experiences have also provided crucial understanding that Jentschura used as a basis for his book “Power, Not Sour.” “Our alkaline products offer completely natural support for athletes’ performance and regeneration,” Jentschura explains. “Since participants in both events are amateurs, not all of them would necessarily be aware of the benefits of our products.”

For many years, P. Jentschura has been more than just an official partner at Europe’s two biggest, most spectacular cycling events – the company sponsors its own teams too. Jentschura’s involvement goes beyond cycling, however. One of the biggest events that P. Jentschura has partnered with in Europe is the Roth Challenge, which the company has likewise supported for many years. Athletes in this year’s long-distance triathlon achieved some of their best times.

“I’m sure it was because of our products,” says Marketing Manager Guyves Sarkhosh with a grin – the presence and visibility of the company's products makes him particularly happy. The P. Jentschura brand, after all, has long been established in both competitive and non-competitive sports. Many active individuals have made the Jentschura philosophy an integral part of their lives – the brand’s products are a fixed component of training and competition. P. Jentschura can also be found at the finish line of many international events as an official partner. In cycling in particular, however, the P. Jentschura name is virtually ubiquitous.