MorgenStund' Dessert

Ingredients for 1 serving
3 tbsps (about 35 g) MorgenStund'
Approx. 160 ml almond or oat drink
a little vanilla or cinnamon
fruit compote or fruit sauce, e.g. cherry, raspberry or mango
whipped cream and/or ice cream
to garnish fresh fruit, almond flakes
or chocolate shavings

Stir MorgenStund' into the almond or oat drink with an egg whisk. Simmer over a low heat for 1-2 minutes and add a little vanilla or cinnamon. The porridge should not be too runny.

Fill about 3 tablespoons of MorgenStund' into a glass, alternating with the compote. Finish with whipped cream or ice cream and fresh fruit, etc.