7x7 Ginger Shot

Ingredients for approx. 500 ml
1 tsp or 1 tea bag 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb
2 small apples
2 limes
40 g fresh organic ginger
3 tbsps agave syrup

Pour 400 ml of boiling water over 1 teaspoon or 1 bag of 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb, leave to steep for 2-3 minutes and remove the tea bag or strain. Then leave the tea to cool. Cut the limes in half and squeeze them. Wash the apples, remove the cores and cut into small pieces. Chop the ginger into small pieces.

Put all ingredients together with the cooled tea in a blender and purée. Then strain everything through a fine sieve. Fill the finished 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb Ginger Shot into small glasses and enjoy slowly.

The recipe makes about 500 ml of finished ginger shot. Fill the rest of the 7x7 KräuterTee/AlkaHerb Ginger Shot into a clean screw bottle and put it in the fridge. It will keep there for at least 2 days.