Alkaline hair care

Naturally beautiful and strong

A healthy and well-groomed scalp is the key to beautiful and strong hair. Alkaline scalp care cleanses the scalp and relieves symptoms such as an itchy, flaky scalp or hair loss.

How can you recognise an acid blocked scalp?

There are a three metabolic types, which vary in intensity from person to person.

In the case of the "structure consumer", the organism fetches missing minerals from its own mineral depot - among other things, from the hair follicle. The consequences of this loss are split ends or dull, brittle and weak hair, and even hair loss.

With the metabolic type "excretor", the excretory option via the skin is used very intensively, which often manifests itself in greasy hair and a flaky scalp or by excessive sweating, cradle cap and pimples on the scalp.

In the case of the “depositor”, a hard, blocked scalp makes natural hair growth more difficult. This results in hair loss.

Dissolve blockades

Hair loss and scalp problems are often the result of the acid-alkaline balance being out of kilter.

Cleansing and care of the scalp helps to loosen existing blockages at the hair roots. This clears the way for the transport of nutrients and ensures optimal care of the hair.

In four steps of scalp cleansing - combined with an alkaline diet - to strong and healthy hair.

Scalp treatment in 4 steps by P. Jentschura

Step 1

Brush the scalp with the professional hair brush as follows:

  1. start at the nape of the neck and brush to the forehead hairline.
  2. Then brush up the sides at ear/ temple level to the crown of the head.
  3. Finally, brush the middle of the head from the back to the front to the hairline. Then sweep your hand or fingers over to the ears, then alternately in front of and behind them down the neck to activate the lymphatic drainage of harmful substances.

Step 2

The innovative SkalPuro scalp gel provides the best deep cleansing of the scalp with a pH value of 8-8.5. The selected herbal extracts, including nettle and birch bark extract, stimulate the scalp’s circulation and open the pores, thus boosting the removal of dissolved substances in the scalp.

Step 3

Then lather with plenty of water and rinse thoroughly. If necessary, hair can be treated with a conditioner before or after.

Step 4

The 3x3 scalp tonic has an invigorating effect and ensures the ideal supply of nutrients to the scalp. The oxygen it contains improves the skin’s circulation and supports the cells’ absorption of nutrients.

When used regularly and daily, it helps to strengthen and energise the hair.

Beautiful hair comes from within

Healthy and beautiful hair grows from within. The supply of nutrients to our body plays an important role in this, because it can only supply the hair optimally if it has sufficient vital substances at its disposal. An alkaline-rich and wholesome diet provides the basis for a healthy and functioning organism.

Our WurzelKraft/AlkaLife 100-plant fine granules also provide a variety of vitamins, minerals and secondary phytonutrients that support hair health and growth.