The optimised award-winner

WurzelKraft / AlkaLife stays well ahead

Powerful content in a new design: the new WurzelKraft is here!

Powerful content in a new design: the new WurzelKraft is here!

The new WurzelKraft / AlkaLife is here! The even further improved recipe is now more fascinating and refined than ever. It’s hard to imagine that our 100-plant food product can develop even further. In fact, an expert jury has declared it to be the “Reformprodukt 2019“ (health food product 2019), and furthermore, the readers of “natürlich” Magazine chose it as their “Lieblingsprodukt“ (favourite product).

The natural organ booster now has both new ingredients and a new design. It now has a “fresher” appearance, and the label looks a lot more modern. However, the greatest eye-catcher is the new lid with its may green sepal look. The shape of the petal gives you a pleasant grip on the lid, reminding us of the yarrow many of us see on the wayside. Nonetheless, only very few people are aware of the manifold powers of this valuable medicinal herb, such as its antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory effects.The new design perfectly symbolises the treasure of fine ingredients from organic farming it contains.

The composition of more than 100 natural ingredients has now been improved even further. WurzelKraft / AlkaLife has always contained an unusually wide range of vital substances, and it is omnimolecular. This signifies that the plants are combined in such a way that all elements which make up our organism and which are required for the latter to function are included in it. We have now increased the proportion of herbs, vegetables and spices in the new composition, radically expanding on the number of secondary plant substances, especially on the bitter ones contained in it. The bitter substances are especially important for our metabolism, yet they are becoming increasingly rare in plants due to modern-day crop breeding.

Because all of the healthy ingredients are dried with the utmost of care, so as to retain as many of the vitamins, minerals and micronutrients as possible, WurzelKraft / AlkaLife happens to be raw food as well. Recently, we have started grinding it into a fine granulate, allowing it to be much more easily stirred into liquids.

In this way, we have optimised a product which many had already considered outstanding. Indeed, we have just been awarded no fewer than two prizes for WurzelKraft / AlkaLife. The jury, which consists of experts from the market and from “Reformhaus-Fachakademie(Academy for a Healthier Lifestyle), has granted the title “Reformprodukt des Jahres 2019“ (health product of the year 2019) in the vegetarian category to the natural vital substances supplier. Also, the upward of 400,000 readers of “natürlich” magazine are convinced of the power of WurzelKraft / AlkaLife, voting it their “Lieblingsprodukt“ (favourite product). We would like to extend our warm thanks to everyone who voted for us.