P. Jentschura soon even more sustainable

acid-alkaline experts participate in Ecoprofit project

Due to the coronavirus, this year's kick-off event "Ökoprofit" was held in digital form. Photo: Communication Department, City of Münster

Due to the coronavirus, this year's kick-off event "Ökoprofit" was held in digital form. Photo: Communication Department, City of Münster

Think globally, act locally - this is the only way sustainability works in companies. This has long been a guiding principle for our company. We are happy to use opportunities for improvement to operate even more sustainably than before. That is why we have now become a partner in the Ökoprofit project of the city of Münster and the district of Warendorf.

The goal of all fifteen participating companies and institutions is to put themselves to the ecological test by the middle of 2022 and to implement improvements they have worked out by then. In the coming months, the companies will put their processes to the ecological test in eight workshops and on-site consultations. "Central to this will be the topic of operational climate protection and sustainability," says Uschi Sander, long-time project manager at the Office for Green Spaces, Environment and Sustainability of the City of Münster.

At P. Jentschura, nature in all its perfection serves as a model for the corporate philosophy and its award-winning ecological products. For this very reason, the motivation to take part in the project was great. "Combining ecological change with their very own entrepreneurial spirit will achieve more than state regulation, especially for local industrial companies. I see precisely this important connection strengthened in Ökoprofit. That is why we are involved," explains Barbara Jentschura, Managing Director of Jentschura International GmbH. The initiative, know-how and services of commercial enterprises will make implementation of the Agenda 2030 or the European Green Deal possible. As a manufacturer of certified organic food and natural cosmetic products, P. Jentschura makes an important contribution to the quality of life in harmony with nature. We would also like to promote global initiatives for the preservation of nature locally with concrete activities and like-minded parties. In concrete terms, we plan to save energy resources and put packaging and printed products through their paces, as well as optimizing storage usage. How well this succeeds for the benefit of efficiency and sustainability will be recorded in a sustainability report after the project is completed.