AbraCaDabra® - Nature's miracle

Users find new natural cosmetic product "magical"

AbraCaDabra<sup>®</sup> - Nature's miracle

Once again, P. Jentschura has something new to offer: We have expanded our product range - with a high-quality natural cosmetic product. This vegan powder consists of finely ground, exquisite skin-caring and skin-protecting plants as well as energy-rich, natural and alkaline-forming minerals. And as the name AbraCaDabra suggests, its effect is "magical" and all naturally ensures a beautiful skin complexion.

This certified natural cosmetic product is particularly impressive for its naturally sourced high-quality ingredients. One essential ingredient in AbraCaDabra is powdered white cabbage leaves. "The ancient Romans already resorted to these when they had health problems they did not know how else to treat", explains Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura, who spent around two years researching the perfect formula. It also includes natural minerals and sodium bicarbonate, which, among others, have neutralizing and pollutant-absorbing properties. Green spelt, almonds and selected herbs such as yarrow and marigold round off the mixture.

The organic natural cosmetic product without chemical ingredients, synthetic fragrances, colourants or preservatives, parabens or paraffins can be used in various ways, such as for massages and wraps, as an application or as preparation for further cosmetic treatments. The unique combination of alkaline, vitamin and mineral rich ingredients with a pH value of 8.5 results in this unique energy-rich and omnimolecular natural cosmetic product, which creates an incomparable regenerating skin experience and skincare success. The powder is suitable for all skin types - even sensitive skin.

The plant-based ingredients have a natural skin-caring, skin-protecting and moisturizing effect. With its alkaline pH of 8.5, AbraCaDabra activates and supports the skin as an organ of elimination and enhances its natural beauty.

Even before its market launch, AbraCaDabra was awarded a rating of "very good" by the Dermatest institute, which, in addition to its effect on the skin, primarily evaluates its compatibility. AbraCaDabra is available wherever Jentschura products are sold.