Award-worthy launch of AbraCaDabra

Natural cosmetics product nominated for award

AbraCaDabra, the latest product in P. Jentschura's natural cosmetics range, has been nominated for the "Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2022".

AbraCaDabra, the latest product in P. Jentschura's natural cosmetics range, has been nominated for the "Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2022".

The latest product in P. Jentschura's range of natural cosmetics has been nominated for the "Wellness & Spa Innovation Award 2022".With this award, the German Wellness Association recognizes the innovative spirit of the industry and, following the jury's decision, honours the best in the world with the presentation of the awards. This year, this applies to AbraCaDabra, as the nomination clearly illustrates.

"We are very pleased that AbraCaDabra has already received such appreciation after such a short time and that the jurors are convinced of its effect," says CEO Dr. h. c. Peter Jentschura. After all, the cosmetic powder has only been on the market since last fall. Jentschura: "This nomination is a great honour for us. Now, of course, we would also like to take home the Innovation Award." The decision of which products will ultimately be honoured will be made by the end of March.

P. Jentschura has continued to expand its natural cosmetics portfolio in recent years. The award-winning organic powder AbraCaDabra consists of finely ground, exquisite skin-caring and skin-protecting plants as well as energy-rich, natural and alkaline-forming minerals. It was presented at the "Beauty Forum" international cosmetics trade fair in Munich at the end of October of last year. "After a successful market launch at home and abroad, we are happy about the great popularity the product has achieved among customers within a very short time and are also proud now of the appreciation from professional circles," said the Head of Marketing and Communication, Guyves Sarkhosh, also very pleased.

"Wellness & Spa Innovation" is an initiative by the German Wellness Association that has been in existence for ten years. The internationally active non-profit industry organization promotes new ideas, products and service offerings for the wellness, health and spa market and nominates the most interesting ones for the annual Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards. Anyone with a truly new and forward-thinking offering in the form of concepts, products, methods or services to promote wellness and/or health is eligible to apply. The Wellness & Spa Innovation Awards have established themselves as one of the most important industry awards and have been awarded to Jentschura products several times already. For more information, visit