A wealth of knowledge about alkaline health

New film series on YouTube

A wealth of knowledge about alkaline health

Jentschura has had its own channel on YouTube for (nearly) eleven years now. Videos around the topics of the acid-alkaline balance, health, exercise, nutrition, body care and much more appear on it at regular intervals. In the course of the next few months there will be new contributions, among others in cooperation with Roland and Ute Jentschura.

Roland Jentschura, who himself is a qualified home economist and (most recently) the author of books on exercising, has already made a number of videos in the past, which are very popular with the Jentschura community with more than 500,000 views. The most viewed video of his was a lecture on the topic "Calories and acids make you fat and sick". His latest video is about alkaline weight loss and body shaping. In it, he explains the connection between the acid-alkaline balance and diets that go nowhere, because an over-acidified body does not lose weight.

His wife Ute Jentschura, a trained dietician, alternative health practitioner and also a qualified nutritionist, talks extensively about nutrition and women's health. As she does in her two new videos, which will soon be available on YouTube.

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