Now published: POWER, NOT „SOUR“

The new book by Roland Jentschura

Jetzt neu: „Power statt ‚sauer‘“ – das neue Sportbuch von Diplom-Oecotrophologe Roland Jentschura.

New on the market, there is now an entire book on the central importance of the acid-alkaline balance for healthy, successful sport. In the recently published book "Power statt 'sauer' - Unser Säure-Basen-Haushalt entscheidet" (Power, not 'sour' - it is all determined by our acid-alkaline balance), Roland Jentschura, a qualified home economist and acid-alkaline expert, explains what causes "chronic latent hyperacidity", which promotes wear and tear, especially in athletes, and how one can counteract this problem that hampers success.

Many amateur and professional athletes are dissatisfied and frustrated because they do not reach their goals, simply do not progress any further, perhaps even regress and are constantly injured. Jentschura holds the over-acidification of the body with a simultaneous undersupply of vital substances responsible for this. "Almost all athletes know that 'acid muscles close down' and that excessive training with inadequate regeneration leads to overtraining, resulting in a drop in performance, increasing muscle soreness and pain, and increasing susceptibility to injury and infection. But in my conversations with those affected, with active and former athletes, with trainers, coaches and doctors, the acid-alkaline balance is still a great unknown. Yet success in sports is essentially determined by the acid-alkaline balance," says Jentschura and thus also clarifies his motivation for his debut work.

As a compass for a healthy, high-performance life, the author explains on 176 pages what the main causes of chronic latent hyperacidity are, how too many acids affect the body in the long run and how decisive the acid-alkaline balance is for the ability to perform and regenerate. Around "the three guidelines of healthy, successful sport" there are many practical tips on how to avoid and remedy chronic hyperacidity.

The brochure "Sport - aber richtig!" (Sport - the right way!) was first published in 2007 and has been inspiring the scene ever since. Over the years, so many new aspects, insights and experiences have been added that it was high time to completely republish Jentschura's unique knowledge and understanding of the body, with captivating pictures and graphics as well as numerous insights from world-famous athletes and top athletes. The book was published by our partner publishing house "Verlag Peter Jentschura" and the namesake is thrilled about the addition to his repertoire.

Peter Jentschura: "We have brought the topic of the acid-alkaline balance to prominence. Often not taken seriously in the beginning, it has long since become popular and recognized by scientists. Now it was high time to explicitly show its relevance for athletes. I am very pleased that Roland is enriching our publishing house with this, as he has been conducting research in this field for years and has gained a lot of practical experience." Roland Jentschura advises numerous top athletes and sports associations such as the Austrian Ski Association and promises that he will be able to understand his own body much better with the help of this book and, as a trainer, be able to provide more sustainable care for the active athletes. Power statt 'sauer' (ISBN: 978-3-933874-50-4) is available now at