Goldene Bild der Frau Award

P. Jentschura supports project to fight poverty among seniors

Goldene Bild der Frau Award

For the second time, the acid-alkaline experts from P. Jentschura in Münster are supporting the "GOLDENE BILD der FRAU" this year - Germany's most important and largest award for women. As part of this, they decided to sponsor Carina Raddatz and her campaign "Obstkäppchen e.V.", which actively campaigns against poverty among seniors.

During each session, around 150 bags are packed - for senior citizens whose meagre pensions are not even enough for good, healthy food. For them, Carina Raddatz and her helpers are true angels. Fruit and vegetables are bought regionally, other food is donated by a cooperating supermarket, and soon, MorgenStund' and Co. will be added.

"We are very happy to support Ms Raddatz and her fellow campaigners. No one should have to suffer from hunger and everyone should have the right to have access to high-quality food as well," explains Dr h.c. Peter Jentschura and is looking forward to the sponsorship. In addition, he spontaneously decided to help the "Obstkäppchen" with his own products. The first packages to Carina Raddatz have already been packed and a joint cooking event with the 28-year-old, some senior citizens and a Jentschura team is also being planned.

With the "GOLDENE BILD der FRAU" award, every year the magazine "BILD der FRAU" honours very special people who, with their own project or their association, do volunteer work for more social togetherness and against social injustice. More information on the project can be found at www.obstkä