For face and décolleté

New alkaline fleece mask scores with perfect care

Perfekte Pflege für Gesicht, Hals und Dekolleté: die neuen basischen Vliesmasken von P. Jentschura.

Just in time for the arrival of spring, we have expanded our proven product range and now offer new alkaline fleece masks that provides optimal care and refreshment to the skin on the face, neck and décolleté. The mask is particularly suitable for regular application while taking a bath or foot bath and results in rejuvenated skin that feels noticeably softer. The secret lies in the combination with the MeineBase / AlkaBath body care salt, which optimally supports the skin in its excretory function with a pH-value of 8.5 and thus relieves the metabolism - for conscious and natural care in the acid-alkaline balance.

The principle is based on nature's example. Even babies grow in an alkaline environment in the amniotic fluid and are born with pure, soft skin. With the alkaline fleece mask, every cell "remembers" the metabolic and excretory processes practised in the amniotic fluid for nine months, during which the body is gently cleansed and the skin intensively cared for.

The application is child's play: The wafer-thin fleece mask with its optimized, extended fit is placed in warm water with a pinch of MeineBase / AlkaBath and, after briefly allowing excess water to drip off, placed on cleansed facial skin for about twenty minutes. The delicate texture nestles wonderfully against the face and neck and its special shape also supports the lymphatic system. This is how perfect care works without any chemicals. By the way, the high-quality cardboard box is also new - appealing in design and functional in storing the fleece masks.