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Heart transplanted Elmar Sprink at the Cape Epic in South Africa

Inseparable: Elmar Sprink and the P. Jentschura products. Photos (5): Jens Vögele

Inseparable: Elmar Sprink and the P. Jentschura products. Photos (5): Jens Vögele

Dusty, hot and rocky - the route of the Cape Epic, now in its 17th edition, is a tough one. In March, the approximately 650 two-person teams have to complete around 700 kilometers through unspoilt landscape in eight days at the mountain bike stage race in South Africa. Elmar Sprink was one of them. And that is not something to be taken for granted. The 50-year-old is living with a donor heart. Today, the mountain biker fully counts on the products and knowledge of P. Jentschura for his fitness.

Brutal climbs totaling 17,250 meters in altitude, breathtaking singletrack, and the heat and dust of South Africa meant that every finisher's medal was hard earned during the eight days of racing. Challenging gravel roads, strenuous rocky climbs, exciting technical descents, refreshing river crossings and fast single trails in the forest awaited the bikers on the course.

One participant in this event was Elmar Sprink, who received a donor heart in June 2012. In his luggage, he carried products from P. Jentschura and in his head the corresponding philosophy. "I am very pleased that Elmar has been relying on us for many years - for regeneration, and to achieve athletic success," says Roland Jentschura, who has accompanied and supported Sprink’s incredible career for many years.

Although the 50-year-old is one of the 130,000 people worldwide with a donor heart, he has impressed many with his fitness and mental strength. In 2014, he even became the first athlete with a donor heart to conquer the Hawaii Ironman. But as a result of his serious illness, Sprink wanted to take even greater care of his body and came across P. Jentschura. A well-tuned acid-alkaline balance can significantly improve athletic performance. Thus, the products and especially Jentschura's philosophy were able to contribute significantly to Sprink's rehabilitation and now also support him in competitions. Jentschura: "Regardless of a previous illness, alkaline nutrition and regeneration always help when performance has to be called up continuously. This way, you manage to do many revolutions on low calories with a good stomach feeling and no burden. And for regeneration, an alkaline foot bath or full bath gets the sand out of the gears and simply does you good." And that's why Sprink and Jentschura agree: This partnership fits perfectly!

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