Curtain-up for the Jentschura Academy

First seminars – registration now open

Curtain-up for the Jentschura Academy

"Learning to live healthily" is the motto of the new Jentschura Academy. This means that knowledge will not only be imparted theoretically, but will be put into practice up close and personal – with lasting impulses for one's own thoughts and actions, for joie de vivre and visionary creativity. The offer addresses itself to private individuals, associations and federations as well as business partners and enterprises that want to campaign actively and consciously for their own health and that of others. The official grand opening is planned for the merry month of May. Starting immediately, registration for seminars is open on the new website.

"Learning to live healthily" is also the name of one of the seminars offered right at the start of the new year. And it teaches the entire portfolio of the Jentschura philosophy: From the "Three Commandments of Health" to the different metabolic and digestive types, the "Triple Jump of Purification" and the acid-alkaline balance, everything is addressed there. Whether physical activity, pregnancy, menopause or old age – there is a suitable metabolism, body care and nutrition program for every phase of life. In addition to theory, the academy also offers practical sessions, such as marathon bathing, elimination brushing, measuring pH levels, alkaline body care, orgone regeneration, exercise sessions and lots of hands-on practice in the training kitchen.

In addition to interesting basic seminars, there are also numerous courses on special topics. Whether women's health, hair growth, acid-alkaline balance in sports or our planet Earth – everyone will likely find themselves and their interests reflected in the diversity of programs offered. More information – including the option to register directly – is available at