A successful partnership:

The ÖSV has been relying on alkaline know-how for 15 years.

Looking back on 15 years of joint cooperation - and looking forward to the future (from left):  ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober, Roland Jentschura and ÖSV Managing Director Christian Scherer.

Looking back on 15 years of joint cooperation - and looking forward to the future (from left): ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober, Roland Jentschura and ÖSV Managing Director Christian Scherer.

"Acid muscles close up - nothing works anymore!" Optimal performance and effective regeneration only work if an acid-alkaline balance is maintained. That's why the athletes of the Austrian Ski Association (ÖSV) rely on the knowledge and the natural alkaline products of P. Jentschura.

The anniversary being celebrated now is a very special one: Since 2007, the P. Jentschura brand has been the "Official Consultant and Supplier" to the entire Austrian Ski Association as an acid-alkaline expert. "The cooperation has been so successful because it is genuine, because it is credible, and because it addresses topics of urgent importance for us in sports," knows Olympic champion Mario Reiter, who now works in marketing for the ÖSV.

Pure alkaline power

"We are very pleased with the long-standing partnership and the support," also says ÖSV President Roswitha Stadlober, who herself uses Jentschura products. The athletes, trainers, coaches and young talent promoters see it the same way. 15 years of partnership - that also means 15 years of success stories. Beginning with Manni Pranger to Lizz Görgl to today's stars. "Over the past years, we have been able to continuously accompany and intensively advise the top athletes, which has resulted in many friendships - and that makes me particularly happy," emphasizes Roland Jentschura, a qualified nutritionist, who looks back on the long-standing partnership with pride and pleasure - and looks toward the future with great enthusiasm.

Creating awareness for the topic of health

The "old hands" have long since been won over and the current top athletes have been well-trained. But the talent factories are also of special importance in this partnership. That's why Roland Jentschura maintains intensive contact with the sports boarding schools and gives regular lectures there - training the youngsters, the teachers and the supervisors. In this way, even the youngest athletes are made aware that they should treat their bodies with care and responsibility. This is a long-standing relationship that has been nurtured and expanded for many years.

"Through the interesting presentations, many have become aware of the crucial importance of the acid-alkaline balance in competitive sports. Gluten- and lactose-free foods are now an integral part of the boarding school menu and many also use them privately - just like the alkaline body care products," reports Rainer Stöphasius, the sports director of the Saalfelden Skiing High School. Similar experiences have been made at the Nordic Training Center in Eisenerz: "The alkaline foot baths in particular are extremely popular," reports Christian Schwarz, the sports director at the training center.

Convincing ambassadors

And because acceptance is so great, Jentschura and the Austrian Ski Association also used the "Presentation of the team clothing" event in Innsbruck right away for a new photo shoot and filming session, including interviews with the athletes. To the complete satisfaction of Jentschura marketing manager Guyves Sarkhosh: "It is easy to see that the ÖSV professionals are not casting models, but people who live the philosophy and love the products. It doesn't get any better than that."

Growing together

And as it should be, both sides win in this partnership! The ÖSV athletes have long benefited from the know-how of a healthier lifestyle. Roland Jentschura has learned from the feedback provided by the athletes. "How the products are used and work is always something very individual." Based on his many years of experience with ÖSV and other top athletes, Jentschura has written a book for all active people. It is called "Power statt sauer!" (Power or sour!), and its key message is that successful sport only works if the acid-alkaline balance is maintained. Everyone at the Austrian Ski Association probably knows this by now. But even amateur athletes should pay attention to a healthy alkaline-rich diet and regenerate in an alkaline way. Soon everyone will be able to learn how this works. In May, the NaturKundeAkademie will open in Münster, Germany, to teach the concentrated acid-base knowledge needed to stay healthy and fit. Or, as multiple Olympic champion Katharina Liensberger puts it: "I simply notice that I feel very good with the products, and that they help me perform well!"


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