Even fresher, even more informative

“Basisch leben” (An alkaline lifestyle) and “Basisch kulinarisch” (Alkaline cooking) reissued

Fresh off the press: the “Basisch gesund leben” (Alkaline healthy living) guide and “Basisch kulinarisch” (Alkaline cooking) cookbook.

Fresh off the press: the “Basisch gesund leben” (Alkaline healthy living) guide and “Basisch kulinarisch” (Alkaline cooking) cookbook.

In times of increasingly one-sided nutrition, the right acid-alkaline balance is the best way to boost and maintain your own health. A good balance between diet, exercise and alkaline body care is ideal to keep your own well-being and performance at a high level in the long term. How this works is revealed in Jentschura’s “Basisch leben” (An alkaline lifestyle) guide, which has been reissued, along with the matching cookbook “Basisch kulinarisch” (Alkaline cooking).

The reader-friendly guide, now entitled "Basisch gesund leben – natürlich gepflegt, omnimolekular versorgt, basenbildend regeneriert” (Alkaline healthy living – natural care, omni-molecular supply, alkalising regeneration), is the perfect introductory read for anyone who wants to restore their acid-alkaline balance. It presents the entire world of alkaline healthy living from alkaline body care to wraps and functional textiles, brushing and oxygen treatments to alkaline-rich nutrition. "The now second edition has been extended to include my latest research in light of social developments," explains Dr h. c. Peter Jentschura. In addition, the guide for an alkaline healthy life has a more modern look.

The third edition of our cookbook also received a makeover. The title is still “Basisch kulinarisch – Genussküche von einfach bis raffiniert” (Alkaline cooking – gourmet cuisine from simple to refined). It contains simple quick recipes, breakfast recipes, ideas for lunch, dinner, for those with a sweet tooth and treats for parties and celebrations – in other words, virtually everything to implement an alkaline-rich diet in your everyday life. Because what all recipes have in common: they follow the tried and tested 80:20 rule for the right acid-alkaline balance. Jentschura: “I’m delighted that the previous editions have been so well received and hope many people continue to find a successful path to health with the help of our guide and the practical suggestions in our cookbook.”