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More than 2,500 visitors on the “Day of the Open Door”

Full house at Jentschura: More than 2,500 visitors wanted to sample the “alkaline atmosphere” at our “Day of the Open Door”.

Full house at Jentschura: More than 2,500 visitors wanted to sample the “alkaline atmosphere” at our “Day of the Open Door”.

Major celebratory weekend at P. Jentschura: There has been three celebrations for the company’s 25th anniversary. It all kicked off online with our brand ambassador Monica Ivancan on Facebook live on Thursday and on Friday, there was a little company party, but the highlight for everyone was the “Day of the Open Door” on Saturday (13 October) in the most beautiful sunshine. Interesting insights, lots of personal contact and a colourful programme of entertainment for young and old awaited visitors on the premises of Jentschura International GmbH. We are really grateful for the tremendous response!

Between 10 am and 6 pm, the leading manufacturer of alkaline body care products, food products and textiles provided total transparency and allowed visitors to delve deep into its pots and explore its nooks and crannies at the site in Münster-Roxel. The “Day of the Open Door” in Roxel, which enjoyed the most visitors of the three to date, welcomed more than 2,500 visitors, some of whom travelled from all over Germany as well as from Europe – from the Netherlands, Switzerland, France and the Eastern European countries.

“We are pleased about the major interest. I definitely think it’s remarkable that some of our guests did not want to miss our Day of the Open Door despite travelling for several hours. However, we also made sure that the trip was worth it for everyone,” said Dr. h. c. Peter Jentschura, summarising the day.

And this personal commitment could be seen and felt throughout the entire time. The day was characterised by a personal rendezvous with the senior boss and the other nutrition and health consultants. As well as lectures, there were regular factory tours through the administrative building and production facilities, live cooking, interactive activities such as goal shoot-outs and children’s entertainment and, of course, alkaline Jentschura treats to try, which all our visitors appeared to really enjoy.