Committed to nature

P. Jentschura conserves resources and focuses on sustainability

The P. Jentschura brand's environmental team

The P. Jentschura brand's environmental team

As part of their participation in the "Ökoprofit" project by the city of Münster and the district of Warendorf, the Münster-based acid-alkaline experts at P. Jentschura have once again taken a close look at their ecological balance sheet in order to operate even more sustainably than ever before.

The P. Jentschura brand has stood for natural products for almost 30 years. Their high-quality body care products are natural cosmetics certified according to the COSMOS standard. Their foods are organic products manufactured in accordance with the EC Eco Regulation, pursuant to which the company is certified in its entirety as a manufacturer. Nature in all its perfection serves as the inspiration for the appealing products that have won multiple awards and are available in health food stores, pharmacies and organic shops.

Now P. Jentschura has further optimised its environmental guidelines and measures as part of the "Ökoprofit" project. "Sustainability is very important to us. That's why we are constantly evolving and making our contribution to CO2 and waste reduction," explains Barbara Jentschura (CEO). Even transportation and storage of the natural ingredients are carried out effectively in a way that conserves raw materials. "Our books show virtually no destruction of materials - and all of that without chemical pest control, but solely through observation, hygiene and optimal environmental conditions for the raw materials," explains Barbara Jentschura.

In the production process, CO2 emissions and energy and water consumption have been reduced. Packaging waste has been reduced and in some cases the company has already switched to FSC cardboard from sustainable forestry. Thanks to natural cosmetics and organic certifications as well as strict room inspections and surface analyses, gentle cleaning agents and disinfectants have long been the standard. The company uses green electricity, which they now purchase from the Stadtwerke Münster municipal utility as a regional supplier.

Four charging stations for e-cars underline the high priority given to environmental sustainability in the company's activities. And even small things like using double-sided printing as the default setting on the PC and washable cloth bags for used paper towels add up to a lot.

Jentschura is also relying on regional service providers for the construction of the Jentschura Academy, which will offer seminars starting next fall. Among other things, they will equip the new building with a photovoltaic system and ensure the greenspaces around the facility reflect biodiversity.

Barbara Jentschura: "The Ökoprofit project fits perfectly with our corporate philosophy. But it has also been fully embraced by our employees and has gotten off to a very good start."