Alkaline Interval Fasting

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Fasting treatments are especially popular at the beginning of the year. However, fasting is not primarily about losing kilos, but about cleansing from the inside. When we fast, we give our body not only a break, but also the time to regenerate.

Particularly recommended is the 16:8 interval fast, in which food intake (8 hours) and food withdrawal (16 hours) alternate within 24 hours. This is because our body is evolutionarily adapted to taking breaks from eating. That is why fat reserves are built up for bad times. However, with today's constant intake of carbohydrates, sugar and the like, they are rarely actually needed.

Fasting helps us to learn to perceive our body's own signals again. During these fasting breaks, the body switches to repair mode, cell cleansing and regeneration. Researchers call this so-called autophagy (Greek for "self-cleansing of our cells") an "all-purpose weapon against age-related diseases" such as diabetes, high blood pressure or dementia.

During radical fasts, some individuals complain of headaches, joint pain, bad breath and increased sweating. Such symptoms, known as healing crises, are avoided during 16:8 interval fasting. However, the organism still releases many harmful substances during fasting. Therefore, alkaline body care and alkaline foot baths are highly advisable. Alkaline nutrition also ensures the supply of vital substances and nutrients for strong immune defences.

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